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Employers often contact me asking how to find a good statistician, econometrician or forecaster for their organization. Students also ask me how to go about finding a job when they finish their degree. This post is for both groups, hopefully making it easier for them to pair up appropriately.

First, the mainstream media outlets are not usually good places to advertise. It seems that few people read printed newspapers anymore.

The general online job sites such as are ok, but job-seekers can find it hard to find the relevant openings because job titles are so varied. In the general area of statistics, a job can appear under the titles “statistician”, “analyst”, “data miner”, “data manager”, “financial engineer” and a few dozen other labels. Many employers don’t place the job in the best category, often because they don’t understand what skills are required to do the job. Nevertheless, if I was looking for a job, I would certainly set up some automated searches on these sites.

In statistics, there are well-established job websites that are the best places for both employers and potential employees to meet up.

  • Australia & New Zealand: This is a fantastic service from the Statistical Society of Australia and includes a lot of jobs, particularly those requiring higher degrees.

  • United States: This is a similar service from the American Statistical Association for jobs in the USA.

Unfortunately, there is no similar service in the UK, and I do not know what is provided in other countries.

There is a list of econometric jobs sites at econometriclinks.

There are e-mail lists that are widely subscribed and often contain job postings.

A lot more email lists are mentioned on econometriclinks, some of which may be appropriate for job advertisements.

If I’ve missed any good places to advertise jobs, please add them in the comments.

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