Tidy data analysis for demography using R


26 June 2024


Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Rostock, Germany


Suessmilch Lecture, MPIDR

3pm CEST, 26 June 2024

I will introduce the vital package which allows analysis of demographic data using tidy tools. The package uses a variation of tsibble objects as the main data class, so all the infrastructure available for tsibble and tibble objects can also be used with vital objects. Data may include births, deaths, mortality, fertility, population and migration data. Functions for plotting, smoothing, modelling and forecasting data are included. Models include the classical Lee-Carter model as well as functional data models. Future plans include replicating all the models available in the demography and StMoMo packages. The package is available at pkg.robjhyndman.com/vital/ and on CRAN.

R package


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