Seminars I’ve given (since 2006)

Some of these seminars were given more than once, but to avoid repetition, repeats are not always listed.

Talks on YouTube are available on this playlist.

Date Title Venue
08 Feb 2024 Forecasting the future and the future of forecasting Victorian Treasury Theatre
14 Dec 2023 Probabilistic Forecast Reconciliation For Emergency Services Demand Australian Statistics Conference
08 Dec 2023 Probabilistic cross-temporal forecast reconciliation International Association of Statistical Computing: Asian Regional Section Conference 2023
07 Nov 2023 Forecast reconciliation Online
11 Sep 2023 Forecast reconciliation: a brief overview Zalando, Berlin, Germany
21 Mar 2023 Developing good research habits Monash
13 Mar 2023 Feasts and fables: Time series analysis using R Reserve Bank of Australia
06 Dec 2022 Exploratory time series analysis using R WOMBAT 2022 (online)
15 Nov 2022 Forecasting ensembles and combinations US CDC
09 Nov 2022 Time series analysis & forecasting using R ANU, Canberra
08 Nov 2022 Forecasting the future and the future of forecasting ANU, Canberra
23 Sep 2022 Visualization of complex seasonal patterns in time series University of Padua, Italy
31 Aug 2022 Forecasting the old-age dependency ratio to determine a sustainable pension age Misurina, Italy
23 Aug 2022 Decomposing time series with complex seasonality COMPSTAT 2022, Bologna, Italy
10 Jul 2022 Creating social good for forecasters Oxford, UK
02 Feb 2022 Feature-based time series analysis Statistical Society of Canada
17 Jan 2022 Forecasting the future and the future of forecasting Blakers Lecture, Canberra
17 Nov 2021 Feasts and fables: modern tools for time series analysis Cornish Lecture, Adelaide
03 Nov 2021 Uncertain futures: AAS2021 Australian Academy of Science
28 Sep 2021 Feasts and fables: Time series analysis using R Federal Reserve Bank, USA
16 Sep 2021 The geometry of forecast reconciliation Macquarie University, Sydney
10 Sep 2021 GRATIS: GeneRAting TIme Series with diverse and controllable characteristics Online
17 Aug 2021 Uncertain futures: what can we forecast and when should we give up? ACEMS
29 Jun 2021 Probabilistic ensemble forecasting of Australian COVID-19 cases ISF 2021
06 May 2021 Forecasting elements that stand the test of time Online
12 Apr 2021 Seriously social podcast Online
06 Feb 2021 Forecasting impact podcast Online
25 Nov 2020 ASSA New Fellows Presentations Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia
03 Nov 2020 Self-promotion for researchers ACEMS
28 Oct 2020 COVID-19 impacts on our energy system Energy Research Institutes Council, Melbourne
27 Oct 2020 Ten years of forecast reconciliation ISF 2020
14 Aug 2020 Ensemble forecasts using fable New York R conference, USA
19 Jul 2020 Podcast episode: the curious quant Online
27 May 2020 Forecasting the Future & the Future of Forecasting Online
30 Jan 2020 How Rmarkdown changed my life San Francisco, USA
27 Jan 2020 Tidy time series & forecasting in R San Francisco, USA
29 Oct 2019 The journal game Monash
09 Oct 2019 Forecasts are always wrong (but we need them anyway) Online
27 Sep 2019 Tidy time series analysis in R Online
27 Sep 2019 Feature-based time series analysis University of NSW
26 Sep 2019 Tidy time series analysis in R University of Cardiff, Wales
21 Aug 2019 Forecasting is not prophecy: dealing with high-dimensional probabilistic forecasts in practice ISI-WSC 2019, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
17 Aug 2019 High-dimensional time series analysis Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
19 Jun 2019 A feast of time series tools ISF 2019, Thessaloniki, Greece
19 Jun 2019 Advancing forecasting research and practice ISF 2019, Thessaloniki, Greece
25 Jan 2019 Feature-based forecasting algorithms for large collections of time series ACEMS
11 Dec 2018 Data visualization for functional time series Creswick, Australia
09 Dec 2018 Seasonal functional autoregressive models University of Melbourne
05 Dec 2018 High-dimensional time series analysis AAERS, Sydney
30 Nov 2018 Forecasting competitions Monash
26 Nov 2018 Feature-based time series analysis Monash
16 Oct 2018 Writing for Researchers ACEMS
18 Sep 2018 Forecasting the future of the power industry: What can you learn from smart meter data? Monash
13 Jul 2018 Tidy forecasting in R useR 2018, Brisbane, Australia
21 Jun 2018 Feature-based time series analysis New York R Meetup, USA
19 Jun 2018 Tidy forecasting in R ISF 2018, Boulder, USA
09 Apr 2018 High dimensional time series analysis ABS, Canberra
23 Mar 2018 Research++: what you should know about being a researcher but probably don’t Monash
13 Dec 2017 Probabilistic outlier detection and visualization of smart metre data Auckland, New Zealand
18 Nov 2017 2017 Beijing Workshop on Forecasting Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing, China
01 Nov 2017 High dimensional time series analysis ACEMS
12 Oct 2017 Analysing sub-daily time series data Melbourne R Users Group
21 Sep 2017 High-dimensional time series Monash
25 Aug 2017 Biggish time series data University of NSW, Sydney
25 Aug 2017 Optimal forecast reconcilation University of NSW
11 Aug 2017 Visualizing and forecasting big time series data ICML 2017, Sydney, Australia
14 Jul 2017 Using data to tackle poverty Monash
22 Jun 2017 Probabilistic outlier detection and visualization of smart metre data ISEA 2017, Cairns, Australia
18 Apr 2017 Follow-up Forecasting Forum Eindhoven, Netherlands
04 Apr 2017 Software for honours students Monash
21 Mar 2017 Probabilistic energy forecasting for smart grids and buildings University of Melbourne
13 Oct 2016 Reconciling forecasts: the hts and thief packages eRum2016, Poznań, Poland
15 Sep 2016 Forecasting large collections of related time series German Statistical Week, Augsburg, Germany
20 Jun 2016 Exploring time series collections used for forecast evaluation ISF 2016, Santander, Spain
06 May 2016 Automatic foRecasting using R MeDaScIn 2016, Melbourne
18 Feb 2016 Making forecasting easier: forecast v7 for R WOMBAT 2016
25 Oct 2015 Forecasting big time series data using R Nanchang, China
06 Oct 2015 Optimal forecast reconciliation for big time series data Stanford University, USA
05 Oct 2015 Google workshop: Forecasting and visualizing big time series data Google, Mountain View, California, USA
17 Aug 2015 Machine learning bootcamp Monash
30 Jun 2015 Exploring the feature space of large collections of time series Banff, Canada
27 Jun 2015 Exploring the boundaries of predictability: what can we forecast, and when should we give up? Yahoo Campus, Sunnyvale, California
25 Jun 2015 Automatic algorithms for time series forecasting Google, Mountain View, California, USA
23 Jun 2015 MEFM: An R package for long-term probabilistic forecasting of electricity demand ISF 2015, Riverside, USA
19 Jun 2015 Probabilistic forecasting of peak electricity demand Southern California Edison, USA
26 May 2015 Visualization of big time series data Statistical Society of Australia, Melbourne
22 May 2015 Probabilistic forecasting of long-term peak electricity demand Monash
23 Feb 2015 Visualization and forecasting of big time series data QUT, Brisbane
13 Jan 2015 Visualizing and forecasting big time series data Academia Sinica, Taiwan
08 Dec 2014 Am I a data scientist? Statistical Society of Australia, Melbourne
23 Sep 2014 Forecasting: principles and practice (UWA course) University of Western Australia
01 Jul 2014 Fast computation of reconciled forecasts in hierarchical and grouped time series ISF 2014, Rotterdam, Netherlands
24 Jun 2014 Functional time series with applications in demography Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany
17 Jun 2014 Challenges in forecasting peak electricity demand Valais, Switzerland
30 May 2014 State space models ABS, Canberra
13 Feb 2014 Automatic time series forecasting Granada, Spain
11 Oct 2013 Coherent mortality forecasting using functional time series Macquarie University, Sydney
10 Oct 2013 Forecasting hierarchical time series University of Sydney
04 Jul 2013 R tools for hierarchical time series UseR! 2013, Albacete, Spain
25 Jun 2013 Forecasting without forecasters ISF 2013, Seoul, South Korea
07 Feb 2013 Man vs wild data University of Melbourne
20 Nov 2012 SimpleR: tips, tricks and tools Melbourne R Users Group
19 Jun 2012 Advances in automatic time series forecasting COMPSTAT 2012, Cyprus
27 Oct 2011 Forecasting time series using R Melbourne R Users Group
03 Oct 2011 Forecasting electricity demand distributions using a semiparametric additive model EDF, Paris, France
15 Jun 2011 Evaluating extreme quantile forecasts ISF 2011, Prague, Czech Republic
07 Sep 2010 Demographic forecasting using functional data analysis Wollongong, Australia
09 Jun 2010 Coherent functional forecasts of mortality rates and life expectancy ISF 2010, San Diego, USA
25 Jun 2009 English academic writing University of Fuzhou, China
23 Jun 2009 Extreme forecasting ISF 2009, Hong Kong
01 May 2009 Statistical support for HDR students University of Melbourne
18 Jul 2008 Forecasting and the importance of being uncertain Monash
29 Jun 2008 Building R packages for Windows R workshop, Melbourne
29 Jun 2008 Time series and forecasting in R R workshop, Melbourne
19 Jun 2008 Bagplots, boxplots and outlier detection for functional data ASC 2008, Melbourne
15 Jun 2008 Exponential smoothing and non-negative data ISF 2008, Nice, France
22 Feb 2008 Forecasting functional time series Australian Academy of Science, Canberra
27 Nov 2007 Population forecasting and the importance of being uncertain Knibbs Lecture, Canberra
25 Oct 2007 Graduation address Monash
25 Jun 2007 Forecasting medium- and long-term peak electricity demand ISF 2007, New York, USA
22 Feb 2007 Stochastic population forecasts using functional data models University of Melbourne
26 Oct 2006 Forecasting and the importance of being uncertain Belz Lecture, Melbourne
26 Jun 2006 Automatic time series forecasting UseR! 2006, Vienna, Austria
20 Jun 2006 Optimal combination forecasts for hierarchical time series ISF 2006, Santander, Spain
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