Statistical Analysis StackExchange site now available


27 July 2010


The Q&A site for statistical analysis, data mining, data visualization, and everything else to do with data analysis has finally been launched. Please head over to

and start asking and answering questions.

Also, spread the word to everyone else who may be interested — work colleagues, students, etc. The more people who use the site, the better it will be. There are already 170 questions, 513 answers and 387 users.

Eventually the site will move to a different domain name and have its own logo, etc.  For now it is in “public beta” which means that it is fully functional, but we are still working out some of the details (such as what it will be called, who will be the moderators, etc.).

R questions are allowed on this new site as well as on the original We are still figuring out how to avoid the problem of having answers on two sites. For now, more statistical questions should be directed to and more programming-oriented questions should go to