Robert G Brown (1923-2013)


9 October 2013


Robert Goodell Brown was the father of exponential smoothing. He died last week at the age of 90. While I never met him, I was indebted to him for exponential smoothing and his practical and insightful books.

Today I received this email from King Harrison III advising of his death.

Twenty years ago I attended the ISF 93 conference in Pittsburgh, which honored Bob Brown on his 70th birthday, and his contributions to the forecasting world.

My reason to attend ISF 93? To meet the man who had developed Exponential Smoothing, which I had been using in inventory replenishment systems for years.

That began a 20 year relationship with Bob, first in a business context, and then the past 8 years as a friend.

He passed last week, at home.

I attended the memorial service for Bob this past Sunday, at his home in Vermont.

This morning his son Todd Brown sent Bob’s obit, at the link below.

For the past 2 decades Bob has been my mentor on both business and life challenges. I will miss him.

At my last annual visit to see Bob, this past June, he asked if I was interested in his working papers and research material for his career.

The first 200 lbs of that information arrived a month ago, and is in my office.

His son Todd is working with me to obtain the remaining information.

I have contacted Georgia Tech as a landing place for all of Bob’s work.

If you have questions, certainly contact me at the information below.

Best regards, King III (