R help on StackOverflow


24 August 2009


Ever since I began using R about ten years ago, the best place to find R help was on the R-help mailing list. But it is time-consuming searching through the archives trying to find something from a long time ago, and there is no way to sort out the good advice from the bad advice.

But now there is a new tool and it is very neat. Head over to the R tag on StackOverflow. StackOverflow is a website for programming questions. It’s much better than a mailing list because it allows easy searching through answers, and voting on answers so that the best answers appear at the top.

If you are a registered user (registration is free), you can vote on the answers that you find. The more votes your answers receive, the more privileges you have on the site. This is the web at its best! Here are my answers to date.

It would be great if more R users migrated from the old R-help list to StackOverflow.