Forecasting podcasts


26 May 2023


I’ve been interviewed for several podcasts over the last few years. It’s always fun to talk about my work, and I hope there are enough differences between them to make it interesting for listeners. Here is a full list of them.

Date Podcast Episode
26 May 2023 Forecasting Impact Forecasting software panel
14 March 2022 Forecasting in social settings
17 November 2021 The Random Sample Software as a first class research output
24 May 2021 Data Skeptic Forecasting principles and practice
12 April 2021 Seriously Social Forecasting the future: the science of prediction
6 February 2021 Forecasting Impact Rob Hyndman
19 July 2020 The Curious Quant Forecasting COVID, time series, and why causality doesnt matter as much as you think
27 May 2020 The Random Sample Forecasting the future & the future of forecasting
9 October 2019 Thought Capital Forecasts are always wrong (but we need them anyway)