Forecasting podcasts


14 April 2021


I’ve been interviewed for several podcasts over the last year or so. It’s always fun to talk about my work, and I hope there is enough differences between them to make it interesting for listeners. Here is a full list of them.

(Updated: 17 Nov 2021)

Date Podcast Episode
17 November 2021 The Random Sample Software as a first class research output
24 May 2021 Data Skeptic Forecasting principles and practice
12 April 2021 Seriously Social Forecasting the future: the science of prediction
6 February 2021 Forecasting Impact Rob Hyndman
19 July 2020 The Curious Quant Forecasting COVID, time series, and why causality doesnt matter as much as you think‪
27 May 2020 The Random Sample Forecasting the future & the future of forecasting
9 October 2019 Thought Capital Forecasts are always wrong (but we need them anyway)