More StackExchange sites


17 July 2010


The StackExchange site on Statistical Analysis is about to go into private beta testing. This is your last chance to commit if you want to be part of the private beta testing. Don’t worry if you miss out — it will only be a week before it is then open to the public.

There is also a StackExchange site proposal for TeX, LaTeX and friends. Presumably that means that most of the LaTeX questions on StackOverflow will then move to this new site. It still needs a couple of hundred more people to commit before it can be launched, so if you are interested in LaTeX, please commit to being part of it.

Another site proposal that may be of interest to readers of this blog is the one on English language usage.

A few proposals are already open to the public for beta testing. One that I’ve been using a little is Web Apps which is useful for questions on Gmail, Google reader, Wordpress, etc.