LaTeX workshop


6 June 2008


I gave a one-day LaTeX workshop today.

Here is the blurb:

LaTeX is an extremely powerful markup language for creating structured documents. It is particularly well-suited for documents containing mathematics, but can be used for any document. Those whose publications involve a large number of mathematical equations often use LaTeX rather than MS-Word or some other word processing package. It is the standard writing tool for most research in the mathematical sciences. LaTeX provides a facility for pdf output so that it is easy to share your research with other people who don’t have LaTeX installed. Remarkably, LaTeX is freeware

This workshop will introduce LaTeX for Windows. No prior knowledge of LaTeX will be assumed.

Workshop notes, slides and examples.

For those not able to attend, you might be interested in the following materials:

You might also like to check out my pages on using LaTeX.