Jobs at Amazon


31 October 2014

data science

I do not normally post job adverts, but this was very specifically targeted to “applied time series candidates” so I thought it might be of sufficient interest to readers of this blog.

Here is an excerpt from an email I received from someone at Amazon:

Amazon is aggressively recruiting in the data sciences, and we have found that applied economists compare quite favorably with the machine learning specialists and statisticians that are sometimes recruited for such roles. Economists bring to bear an entirely different skillset – one which is highly valued at Amazon. We’ve had increasing interest from a number of teams at the company in candidates with an applied time series background – whether it be for forecasting purposes or for pure analysis of historical time series.

I’m reaching out as we have a number of openings for candidates in this area – the applied time series space. I’m happy to speak with any of your current or former students whom you’d consider to fit well in a challenging and technically rigorous private sector environment. Please feel free to forward this correspondence (with links to JOE postings) to potentially interested candidates.

Listing for more senior economists (from any applied econometric background):

Listing targeted more directly at applied time series candidates: