IJF quality indicators


17 May 2013


I often receive email asking about IJF quality indicators. Here is one I received today.

Dear Professor Hyndman,

I recently had a paper published in IJF entitled, “xxxxxxxxxxxx”. I am very pleased with the publication and consider IJF to be an excellent outlet for my work in time-series econometrics.

I have an unusual request, but I hope you will consider responding. My research is judged by non-economists and IJF is not on their list of “quality” journals. It makes a significant difference in my research rating and pay. Would you mind sending some objective information re the quality of IJF that I can pass along to the committee?

And here is part of my reply:

† The Australian rankings were produced by the Australian Research Council a few years ago after extensive consultation. They were later dropped, but the rankings are still frequently cited and used to measure journal quality. Although the ARC no longer has the rankings on their website, they are available here. Also useful is the list of econometrics journals (including the IJF), and the list of statistics journals.