Forecasting research grants


3 October 2012


The International Institute of Forecasters and SAS have an annual research grant scheme that has been offered for the past ten years.  The amounts offered are small (a total of $10K per year, usually split between 2 or 3 projects), but it might be useful for young researchers wanting a bit of funding to help with their forecasting research. The deadline for 2012 has just been extended to 26 October, which is a sure sign that they don’t have enough applications yet.

A list of previous projects that have received funding is provided to give some idea of the type of research they like to support.

For some reason that I do not understand, they link to Scott Armstrong’s list of “research needs” from more than ten years ago although the supported projects do not seem to have much to do with Scott’s ideas of what is important. Frankly, I don’t think telling people what research areas are important is very helpful. The best research comes about when people are curious and passionate, and take a surprisingly different perspective from those who have gone before.