IASC Data Analysis Competition 2015


2 February 2015

data science

The International Association for Statistical Computing (IASC) is holding a Data Analysis Competition. Winners will be invited to present their work at the Joint Meeting of IASC-ABE Satellite Conference for the 60th ISI WSC 2015 to be held at Atlântico Búzios Convention & Resort in Búzios, RJ, Brazil (August 2-4, 2015). They will also be invited to submit a manuscript for possible publication (following peer review) to IASC’s official journal, Computational Statistics & Data Analysis.

Competition Guidelines

The theme of the 2015 competition is around the analysis of climate-related data and your primary data must come from one or more climate-related databases. There are several websites containing such databases. Your entry must be submitted as a poster in PDF format.

You must clearly specify in your poster the source of your data, i.e., by listing the relevant URLs and the steps required to obtain the data.

In your analysis, you may concentrate on a single country (e.g., your own country), a region, a continent or even the entire world.

You are allowed to work individually or in a small group of up to five participants on your poster.

Posters will be judged according to these criteria:

  1. Appropriateness of analysis
  2. Novelty of approaches used in the analysis
  3. Clarity of objectives, approaches, displays, and results
  4. Significance of findings
  5. Generalizability of approaches to data sets in other arenas.
  6. Overall quality of poster

Not all posters are expected to meet all criteria to the same degree. Your poster may (but need not) be accompanied by a short description (maximum five pages). All materials must be submitted in PDF format.

Data Sets

Some examples of websites from where you may obtain your data are given below. However, you may obtain your data from any other climate-related database as well.

It is expected that you will connect the information from different data sets which do not necessarily have to be obtained from the same database to obtain interesting and original conclusions.

Deadline for submission

Final submissions (PDF) are due on 15th April 2015. Submit to: iasc.competition@gmail.com

Keep Updated

For all inquiries contact : Associate Professor Ann Maharaj iasc.competition@gmail.com