Honoring Herman Stekler


8 December 2014


The first issue of the IJF for 2015 has just been published, and I’m delighted that it includes a special section honoring Herman Stekler. It includes articles covering a range of his forecasting interests, although not all of them (sports forecasting is missing). Herman himself wrote a paper for it looking at “Forecasting—Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”.

He is in a unique position to write such a paper as he has been doing forecasting research longer than anyone else on the planet — his first published paper on forecasting appeared in 1959. Herman is now 82 years old, and is still very active in research. Only a couple of months ago, he wrote to me with some new research ideas he had been thinking about, asking me for some feedback. He is also an extraordinarily conscientious and careful associate editor of the IJF and a delight to work with. He is truly “a scholar and a gentleman” and I am very happy that we can honor Herman in this manner. Thanks to Tara Sinclair, Prakash Loungani and Fred Joutz for putting this tribute together.

We also published an interview with Herman in the IJF in 2010 which contains some information about his early years, graduate education and first academic jobs.