GEFCom 2014 energy forecasting competition is underway

GEFCom 2014 is the most advanced energy forecasting competition ever organized, both in terms of the data involved, and in terms of the way the forecasts will be evaluated.

So everyone interested in energy forecasting should head over to the competition webpage and start forecasting:

This time, the competition is hosted on CrowdANALYTIX rather than Kaggle.

Highlights of GEFCom2014:

  • An upgraded edition from GEFCom2012

  • Four tracks: electric load, electricity price, wind power and solar power forecasting.

  • Probabilistic forecasting: contestants are required to submit 99 quantiles for each step throughout the forecast horizon.

  • Rolling forecasting: incremental data sets are being released on weekly basis to forecast the next period of interest.

  • Prizes for winning teams and institutions: up to 3 teams from each track will be recognized as the winning team; top institutions with multiple well-performing teams will be recognized as the winning institutions.

  • Global participation: 200+ people from 40+ countries have already signed up the GEFCom2014 interest list.

Tao Hong (the main organizer) has a few tips on his blog that you should read before starting.

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