Useful extensions for online books


18 June 2021


I’ve had two recent questions from readers of my online textbook (with George Athanasopoulos) which could be solved using Google Chrome extensions.

Hi, I’m an MSc student and am shortly starting my project/dissertation on time series data. I’ve started reading Version 3 of your book and improving my R skills but am wondering if there’s any way I can read V3 that will allow annotation? Thanks

For personal annotation of websites, the Hypothesis extension is very useful. You can highlight, annotate and discuss with other readers. You will need to set up a (free) account at

Thanks you so much for putting out this book! … would it be possible to add OpenDyslexic ( to your list of available type face on your website? I am attempting to make my way through your text book, but access to this font would make my life immeasurably easier.

The simplest approach here is to use the install the OpenDyslexic Font extension. When installed, the fpp3 book looks like this:

The only issue is that the equations are not rendered properly by default. But these can be fixed. First, right click on an equation and choose Math Settings/Math Renderer/HTML-CSS. Then right click again and choose Math Settings/Scale all math/50%. You only need to do these steps once.

By the way, a print version of the third edition is now available.