FPP now available as a downloadable e-book


21 September 2014


My forecasting textbook with George Athanasopoulos is already available online (for free), and in print via Amazon (for under $40). Now we have made it available as a downloadable e-book via Google Books (for $15.55). The Google Books version is identical to the print version on Amazon (apart from a few typos that have been fixed).

To use the e-book version on an iPad or Android tablet, you need to have the Google Books app installed [iPad, Android]. You could also put it on an iPhone or Android phone, but I wouldn’t recommend it as the text will be too small to read.

You can download a free sample (up to the end of Chapter 2) if you want to check how it will look on your device.

The sales of the print and e-book versions are used to fund the running the OTexts website where all OTexts books are freely available.

The online version is continuously updated — any errors discovered are fixed immediately. The print and e-book versions will be updated approximately annually to bring them into line with the online version.