Forecasting in NYC: 25-27 June 2018


23 April 2018

time series
data science

In late June, I will be in New York to teach my 3-day workshop on Forecasting using R. Tickets are available at Eventbrite.

This is the first time I’ve taught this workshop in the US, having previously run it in the Netherlands and Australia. It will be based on the 2nd edition of my book “Forecasting: Principles and Practice” with George Athanasopoulos. All participants will get a print version of the book.

Day 1 Time series graphics, benchmark forecasting methods, forecast evaluation, seasonality and trends, exponential smoothing.
Day 2 ETS models, transformations and differencing, ARIMA models
Day 3 Dynamic regression, forecasting with multiple seasonality, hierarchical forecasting

Workshop participants are expected to be familiar with basic statistical tools such as multiple regression, but no knowledge of time series or forecasting will be assumed. Some prior experience in R is required. The DataCamp course Introduction to R would be suitable preparation for those who have not previously used R.

Participants must bring their own laptop with a recent version of R and RStudio installed, along with the following packages and their dependencies:

Register at Eventbrite.