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15 February 2013

This year there are no fewer than three forecasting conferences planned for June and July 2013. As well as the annual International Symposium on Forecasting, there is WIPFOR (Workshop on Industry & Practices for FORecasting) to be held in Clamart (near Paris) in June, and a forecasting stream at the EURO2013 conference in Rome in early July. Some details follow, taken from emails sent to me recently.

WIPFOR (Clamart, France, 5-7 June 2013)

We would like to bring to your attention the Second Workshop on Industry & Practices for FORecasting (WIPFOR) with an emphasis on Modeling and Stochastic Learning for Forecasting in High Dimension. WIPFOR13, organized by EDF Research and Development OSIRIS Department, will take place at EDF’s R&D site in Clamart (about 30 minutes from the center of Paris).

The aim of the conference is to bring together academics and industry professionals and foster collaboration among scientists engaged in research in time series and functional prediction techniques using stochastic modeling and stochastic learning methods in a high dimensional context. The topics addressed should be interpreted very broadly. This conference is a sequel of a previous workshop held in Paris in 2010.

The program committee is soliciting talks (in English only) from all related topics. If you think that you can contribute, please submit your abstract at before the 28th of February 2013.

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ISF (Seoul, South Korea, 23-26 June 2013)

The IIF’s International Symposium on Forecasting (ISF) is the premier international event for professional forecasters. Over the past 32 years, the ISF has been recognized for the important forecasting research presented there, and for having hosted highly respected experts in the field of forecasting.

The ISF Program Committee invites the submission of abstracts related to the theory and practice of forecasting.

The deadline date for abstracts is March 16, 2013 and may be submitted online at

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Euro2013 (Rome, Italy, 1-4 July 2013)

Forecasting is at the heart of decision making in Operational Research (OR). It is the basis for planning and control activities, drives decision making of products and services, from the strategic to the operational level, and is a critical input to finance, marketing, logistics and production, across sectors from business to government. Traditionally, OR improvements to Forecasting have been algorithmic, and work in this area continues to flourish. However, more recently, OR work has broadened to include whole system planning and a re-discovery of the role of System Thinking/Dynamics, the role of human judgement in forecasting and the scope for organisational learning, and research into information systems to support forecasting and planning. It is this plethora of methodological approaches and application areas that this EURO 2013 stream on Forecasting attempts to capture in a series of coherent special sessions, both from an academic and a practitioner perspective.

We invite you to submit an abstract and present you research at the stream on Forecasting at the forthcoming EURO INFORMS MMXIII, the 26th European Conference on Operational Research, held 1st-4th July 2013 in Rome, Italy! Topics for accepted special sessions at the EURO 2013 forecasting stream include:

  • Health Forecasting (Spyros Makridakis)

  • Telecommunication forecasting (Mohsen Hamoudia)

  • Supply Chain Forecasting (John Boylan & Zied Babai)

  • Modelling and Forecasting in Power Markets (Carolina García Martos)

  • Probabilistic Approach to Modeling Macroeconomic Uncertainties (Carlos Diaz Vela)

  • Dating and Forecasting Turning Points (Gian Luigi Mazzi)

  • Forecasting Big Data (Nikolaos Kourentzes)

  • Forecasting with Neural Networks & Computational Intelligence (Sven Crone)

  • Energy forecasting Juan (Trapero Arenas)

In addition, EURO invites papers related to all aspects of forecasting. Topics include, but are not limited to the following application areas and methodological approaches:

  • Econometric Forecasting

  • Financial Forecasting and Risk Analysis

  • Forecasting and Planning Systems

  • Forecasting Electricity Load and Prices

  • Forecasting for Workforce Management

  • Forecasting Support Systems (FSS)

  • Hierarchical Forecasting

  • Integration of System Dynamics and Forecasting Models

  • Intermittent Demand Forecasting (Forecasting of Count Series)

  • Judgemental Forecasting

  • Knowledge Sharing and Organisational Learning

  • Performance Measurement

For a list of accepted sessions (with submissions codes) please visit:

Instructions for abstracts are at the same site. The deadline for abstract submission is March 1, 2013.

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