Statistical consulting in Australia


11 February 2013


There must be dozens of statistical consulting businesses and organizations in Australia, each specializing in different areas.

I do some consulting work myself, mostly in the forecasting area, but sometimes in other areas of applied statistics including expert witness work in court cases. Email me if you have a project you would like me to take on. However, I often refer potential clients to other statistical consulting groups, as I only have a limited amount of time I can spend on consulting projects.

In the past, I’ve referred clients to the Statistical Consulting Centre at the University of Melbourne (where I once worked). There are similar groups at many other universities. I’ve also referred people in Western Australia to Data Analysis Australia, Australia’s largest commercial statistical consulting business.

There is also a directory of statistical consultants maintained by the Statistical Society of Australia which provides a helpful search facility based on areas of expertise. The value of this directory is that it includes only accredited statisticians, so you know that everyone on the list has been accredited by the Statistical Society of Australia (or equivalent professional societies in other countries). You wouldn’t go to a doctor who was unregistered, so don’t trust your statistical problems to people who have not passed the requirements of accreditation.

Recently I met Eve Slavich  (at YSC2013). She is a young statistician who is part of a group who have recently set up a new statistical consulting business. I asked her to send me some information about the group, and this is what she said:

Our company is called Cingulate Consulting, and we are a group of young people mostly engaged in academic and/or entrepreneurial pursuits, in diverse areas across the quantitative sciences. We have gained good experience in commercial data analysis over the last couple of years, primarily in the retail and finance sectors. Cingulate have made a range of advanced models for clients in the retail and finance industries.

We’re keen to establish ourselves as a statistical and modelling consultancy in Sydney and have capacity for more clients, so if you need to grow your network of people, consider us available! We are very enthusiastic and keen to take on any type of project — our skills are quite broad and not limited to retail and finance.

So that’s another possibility, especially if you are in the Sydney area.