Co-authorships for sale


20 October 2020


This is an interesting development! How many papers are published by bogus authors, and what is the going price for a coauthorship? Needless to say, this is appalling and contrary to every academic integrity policy I’ve seen. See the Monash authorship policy for example.

Dear Hyndman, Rob J.

Hope you are doing well.

I write this letter on behalf of authors seeking to co-publish. We have seen your previous works ( ) and they were considered to be of high quality. Therefore, I offer you a co-publishing partnership.

Our clients wish to buy positions in scientific articles that are in line with their research interests. As our partner, you can offer us a position or two in your work. In this way, we develop a network of scientists with whom we would like to partner. We hope you will agree that this type of partnership can be mutually beneficial, and beneficial for authors too!

If you are interested in this, please, let me know. I will forward all required information to you and answer all your questions.

P.S. Sorry for bothering you if you find this letter useless and not interesting.

Dr. Stutaluk Vladimir