Come and work with me

I have funding for a new post-doctoral research fellow, on a 2-year contract, to work with me and Professor Kate Smith-Miles on analysing large collections of time series data. We are particularly seeking someone with a PhD in computational statistics or statistical machine learning.

Desirable characteristics:

  • Experience with time series data.
  • Experience with R package development.
  • Familiarity with reproducible research practices (e.g., git, rmarkdown, etc).
  • A background in machine learning or computational statistics.

The position will be based with me at Monash University’s Clayton campus, in Melbourne Australia. We have a fantastic group of researchers involved with data science, statistics and econometrics in various ways, and all doing cool things with modern data analysis methods. Plus Melbourne is a wonderful place to live, with great food and superb facilities.

Position now filled.

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