About Hyndsight


25 February 2008

I was thinking of writing a book on doing research in statistics. Instead, I decided to write a blog covering the same material, plus other things that might be of interest to my research team. Topics covered include LaTeX, R, writing and preparing a thesis, writing a journal article, submitting an article to a refereed journal, how to convince editors to publish your work, and writing referee reports. Topics of more specific interest to my research team include forecasting, data visualization and functional data, and local events such as meetups or statistics conferences.

Unlike a printed book, the ordering of material does not matter very much, and this resource is meant to be browsed, searched and subscribed, rather than read in any particular sequence. While the target audience is my own research team, but I hope it is also of interest to other research statisticians, and even researchers working in other areas of the mathematical sciences.