Looking for a new research assistant


7 September 2017

Monash University
data science

I’m currently looking for a new research assistant to help (primarily) with some modelling and R coding as part of a project on forecasting mobile phone sales. The position is likely to last for about 6–9 months, and will be casual.


  • Based in Melbourne. I’d rather not communicate remotely.
  • Able to work at least 20 hours per week. Some of that can be from home if necessary, but you do need to be at Monash University (Clayton campus) at least some of the time.
  • Good R programming skills.
  • Understanding of basic linear algebra (at least generalized inverses and PCA) and statistical modelling (at least linear models and simulation). Some knowledge of time series forecasting would also be handy.

Starting time could be immediate, or any time in the next few months.

I will probably also have a 2–3 year post-doc position available, starting in early 2018. So this short-term job might be a transitional role for someone wanting a longer-term position.

Email me if you are interested in discussing further. Please include:

  1. a CV and relevant university transcripts;
  2. evidence of your R skills;
  3. evidence of your mathematical/statistical background.

I’ll take expressions of interest up to 17 September.