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Finding distinct rows of a tibble

I’ve been using R or its predecessors for about 30 years, so I tend to I know a lot about R, but I don’t necessarily know how to use modern R tools. Lately, I’ve been teaching my students the tidyverse approach to data analysis, which means that I need to unlearn some old approaches and to re-learn them using new tools. But old dogs and new tricks… Yesterday, I was teaching a class where I needed to extract some rows of a data set.

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IIF Fellow Ralph Snyder

At the International Symposium on Forecasting last week, my friend and colleague Ralph Snyder was made a Fellow of the International Institute of Forecasters.

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ISI Karl Pearson Prize for 2017

Recently I was privileged to sit on the committee that selects the winner of the Karl Pearson Prize. KP was, of course, an early mathematical statistician, famous for many commonly-used statistical methods and tools including histograms, the correlation coefficient, the method of moments, p-values, the chi-squared test and principal components analysis. He is also infamous for his highly racist views, support for eugenics, anti-semitism and for refusing a knighthood. All that aside, the job of the committee was to select an English-language article or book published in the last 30 years that has made a stand-alone research contribution, and which has had major influence on one or more of statistical theory, statistical methodology, statistical practice and application.

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Handgun acquisitions in California after two mass shootings

My new paper (Studdert et al, 2017) on “Handgun acquisitions in California after two mass shootings” has been attracting some press. Here are some of the news items I’ve found:

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Follow-up forecasting forum in Eindhoven

Last October I gave a 3-day masterclass on “Forecasting with R” in Eindhoven, Netherlands. There is a follow-up event planned for Tuesday 18 April 2017. It is particularly designed for people who attended the 3-day class, but if anyone else wants to attend they would be welcome. Please register here if you want to attend.The preliminary schedule is as follows. 10.00 -- 11.00 New developments in forecasting using R forecast v8.

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Cross-validation for time series

I’ve added a couple of new functions to the forecast package for R which implement two types of cross-validation for time series.K-fold cross-validation for autoregression The first is regular k-fold cross-validation for autoregressive models. Although cross-validation is sometimes not valid for time series models, it does work for autoregressions, which includes many machine learning approaches to time series. The theoretical background is provided in Bergmeir, Hyndman and Koo (2015). So cross-validation can be applied to any model where the predictors are lagged values of the response variable.

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Come to Melbourne, even if not to Monash

The University of Melbourne is advertising for a “Professor in Statistics (Data Science)”. Melbourne (the city) is fast becoming a vibrant centre for data science and applied statistics, with more than 4700 people signed up for the Data Science Meetup Group, a thriving start-up scene, the group at Monash Business School (including Di Cook and me), and the Monash Centre for Data Science (including Geoff Webb and Wray Buntine). Not to mention that Melbourne is a wonderful place to live, having won the “World’s most liveable city” award from the Economist for the last 6 years in a row.

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"Forecasting with R" short course in Eindhoven

I will be giving my 3-day short-course/workshop on “Forecasting with R” in Eindhoven (Netherlands) from 19-21 October.

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Statistics positions available at Monash University

We are hiring again, and looking for people in statistics, econometrics and related fields (such as actuarial science, machine learning, and business analytics). We have a strong business analytics group (with particular expertise in data visualization, machine learning, statistical computing, R, and forecasting), and it would be great to see it grow. The official advert follows. The Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics at Monash Business School in Melbourne, Australia, invites applications for full-time tenure-track positions at the Senior Lecturer level (equivalent to North American/European Assistant Professor with some post-doctoral academic experience) and Associate Professor level.

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Explore Australian Elections Data with R

This is a guest post by my colleague Professor Di Cook, cross-posted from her Visiphilia blog. Di and I are two of the authors of the new eechidna package for R, now on CRAN.The eechidna package has just been posted on CRAN, in time for the longest election campaign in Australia since the 1950s. The next Federal election scheduled for 2nd July was announced a few weeks ago. A little before this a handful of academics met at the first ever Australian ROpenSci Unnconference at the Microsoft headquarters in Brisbane in an event primarily organised by students at the Queensland University of Technology.

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