Souhaib Ben Taieb, James W. Taylor, Rob J. Hyndman

Many applications require forecasts for a hierarchy comprising a set of time series along with aggregates of subsets of these series. Although forecasts can be produced independently for each series in the hierarchy, typically this does not lead to coherent forecasts — the property that forecasts add up appropriately across the hierarchy. State-of-the-art hierarchical forecasting methods usually reconcile these independently generated forecasts to satisfy the aggregation constraints. A fundamental limitation of prior research is that it has looked only at the problem of forecasting the mean of each time series. We consider the situation where probabilistic forecasts are needed for each series in the hierarchy. We define forecast coherency in this setting, and propose an algorithm to compute predictive distributions for each series in the hierarchy. Our algorithm has the advantage of synthesizing information from different levels in the hierarchy through a sparse forecast combination and a probabilistic hierarchical aggregation. We evaluate the accuracy of our forecasting algorithm on both simulated data and large-scale electricity smart meter data. The results show consistent performance gains compared to state-of-the art methods

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March 7th, 2017

Coherent Probabilistic Forecasts for Hierarchical Time Series

Souhaib Ben Taieb, James W. Taylor, Rob J. Hyndman Abstract: Many applications require forecasts for a hierarchy comprising a set […]

June 4th, 2015

Probabilistic time series forecasting with boosted additive models: an application to smart meter data

By Souhaib Ben Taieb, Raphael Huser, Rob J Hyndman and Marc G Genton

October 19th, 2013

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March 10th, 2011

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January 3rd, 2010

Density forecasting for long-term peak electricity demand

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September 17th, 2006

Projection pursuit estimator for multivariate conditional densities

Azhong Ye and Rob J. Hyndman (2006) J. Fuzhou Univ. Nat. Sci. Ed. 34(6), 794–797. (Chinese).

July 20th, 2006

A Bayesian approach to bandwidth selection for multivariate kernel density estimation

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July 16th, 2002

Nonparametric estimation and symmetry tests for conditional density functions

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June 16th, 2001

Bandwidth selection for kernel conditional density estimation

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July 16th, 1996

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July 16th, 1996

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July 15th, 1996

Wand and Jones. Kernel smoothing

July 16th, 1995

Highest density forecast regions for non-linear and non-normal time series models

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July 5th, 1995

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