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The Story of the Bible

Published on 30 January 2000 in Books
The Story of the Bible (2000, Dandenong Bible Education Centre). This is a set of course notes for the seminars of this name.

Many Bible readers have difficulty fitting everything together. Did Moses or David came first? What was the “captivity”‘ all about? When did Jesus say he would return to earth?

This course is for people who have begun to read their Bibles, and are trying to fit the major people and events into the overall Bible story. The Bible message is heard more loudly and clearly if we understand the overall story of the Bible.

The course notes may be printed and photocopied for class purposes, provided they are reproduced without alteration.

Full set of notes

Individual chapters

Front matter
Session 1: God, creation and the first sin
Session 2: Abraham: the man who was promised the world
Session 3: Moses and the Law of Israel
Session 4: The judges and kings of Israel
Session 5: Captivity in Babylon and return to Jerusalem
Session 6: Jesus Christ
Session 7: The early church
Session 8: The Kingdom of God

Powerpoint slides (36.5Mb)

Further reading:

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