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Published on 16 September 2015 in Books

After more than two years, here is the long-awaited “further explanation”. It is a personal memoir describing my journey of deconversion from Christianity. Buy a print copy via Create Space Buy a print copy via Amazon Buy an e-copy via Google Books  

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One God, the Father

Published on 9 February 2013 in Books

Nearly one year ago, I posted a draft chapter on “Biblical monotheism today” that I had written for a book that was in preparation. Finally, the book has been finished and is available to purchase. One God, the Father (Ed. T. Gaston, published February 2013, 310 pages, £8.99 or US$14.91) One God, the Father is a compendium


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Getting to know the Bible better

Published on 22 February 2006 in Books

Getting to Know the Bible Better (2006, Dandenong Bible Education Centre). This is a set of notes for an eight week course. Previous versions of the course have appeared under other names including “Bible Discovery Course”, “Learn to read the Bible effectively” and “Bible reading for beginners”. The first version appeared in 1989.

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The Times: a chronology of the Bible

Published on 13 January 2006 in Books

The Times: a chronology of the Bible (3rd ed., 2006, Christadelphian Scripture Study Service). This book gives 13 detailed charts of Bible history with explanatory discussion.

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The Bible Reader’s Handbook

Published on 29 May 2004 in Books

The Bible Readers’ Handbook (2004, Dandenong Bible Education Centre). Useful reference material for all Bible readers.

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Introducing the Christadelphians

Published on 13 January 2003 in Books

Introducing the Christadelphians: a Bible believing community (1994, Bethel Publications; 1999, 2003, Printland Publications). This is a short booklet providing information on the Christadelphians for those who are curious, but don’t want to read too much. Available in several languages.

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The Way of Life

Published on 13 January 2002 in Books

The Way of Life (2002, Bethel Publications). My largest religious book. This is an introductory textbook on Bible teaching and Christian living.

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The Story of the Bible

Published on 30 January 2000 in Books

The Story of the Bible (2000, Dandenong Bible Education Centre). This is a set of course notes for the seminars of this name.

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Taking control: a guide for youth

Published on 13 January 1997 in Books

Taking Control: a guide for youth (2nd ed., 1997, Melbourne Christadelphian Sunday Schools). This book consists of about 30 short chapters looking at issues facing young people and providing a biblical perspective.

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