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The Young Stats Communication Challenge

Published on 8 October 2012

The Aus­tralian Young Sta­tis­ti­cians Con­fer­ence (Feb 2013) is orga­niz­ing a com­mu­ni­ca­tion com­pe­ti­tion. They invite all early-​​​​career sta­tis­ti­cians (study­ing, or within 5 years of grad­u­a­tion) to pro­duce a short (3−5 minute) video for the ABS YSC2013 Video Com­pe­ti­tion, or a sta­tic info­graphic for the ABS YSC2013 Info­graphic Com­pe­ti­tion. Both com­pe­ti­tions have a 1st prize of 500, and 2nd prize of 250. Entries close 16th Novem­ber, and win­ners will be noti­fied by mid-​​​​December. Details avail­able at: ysc2013​.com/​p​r​o​g​r​a​m​/​c​o​m​p​e​t​i​t​ions/ I’m a speaker at the con­fer­ence, so hope­fully I will get to see some of the great entries!  

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Data visualization videos

Published on 30 November 2010

Prob­a­bly every­one has seen Hans Rosling’s famous TED talk by now. If not, here it is: I recently came across a cou­ple of other excep­tional talks on data visu­al­iza­tion: Hans Rosling again: “Let my dataset change your mind­set”. If only all sta­tis­tics lec­tur­ers were this dynamic! David McCan­d­less: “The beauty of data visu­al­iza­tion”. Not so excit­ing as Hans, but some great exam­ples. And here’s an hour-​​​​length doc­u­men­tary hosted by Hans Rosling called “The Joy of Stats”.

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Learning R by video

Published on 10 March 2010

For those peo­ple who pre­fer to be shown how to do some­thing rather than read the instruc­tions, there are some videos on using R avail­able online. Here are the ones I know about. Please add links to other sim­i­lar resources in the com­ments. R tour for begin­ners R videos What is R? from Rev­o­lu­tion Ana­lyt­ics R Sta­tis­tics playlist on YouTube Sta­tis­tics with R playlist on YouTube

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Learning by video

Published on 24 November 2009

There are some nice online videos avail­able on var­i­ous aspects of sta­tis­tics and math­e­mat­ics that might be help­ful to stu­dents try­ing to learn about new areas. A search on YouTube will lead to a few fairly basic videos. Sta­tis­tics playlists Math­e­mat­ics playlists A bet­ter place to go is YouTube EDU which con­tains mate­r­ial from uni­ver­si­ties. Some­thing sim­i­lar is offered at iTunesU But the best stuff is on Aca­d­e­mic Earth. For exam­ple, Lin­ear Alge­bra Machine learn­ing Sta­tis­ti­cal esti­ma­tion These are all excel­lent full lec­ture courses from some of the top US uni­ver­si­ties (Berke­ley, Har­vard, MIT, Prince­ton, Stan­ford, UCLA, Yale). If any­one knows of some other good sources, please share them in the comments.

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