The Young Stats Communication Challenge

The Australian Young Statisticians Conference (Feb 2013) is organizing a communication competition. They invite all early-career statisticians (studying, or within 5 years of graduation) to produce a short (3-5 minute) video for the ABS YSC2013 Video Competition, or a static infographic for the ABS YSC2013 Infographic Competition.

Both competitions have a 1st prize of $500, and 2nd prize of $250.

Entries close 16th November, and winners will be notified by mid-December.

Details available at:

I’m a speaker at the conference, so hopefully I will get to see some of the great entries!


Data visualization videos

Probably everyone has seen Hans Rosling’s famous TED talk by now. If not, here it is:

I recently came across a couple of other exceptional talks on data visualization:

Hans Rosling again: “Let my dataset change your mindset”. If only all statistics lecturers were this dynamic!

David McCandless: “The beauty of data visualization”. Not so exciting as Hans, but some great examples.

And here’s an hour-length documentary hosted by Hans Rosling called “The Joy of Stats”.

Learning by video

There are some nice online videos available on various aspects of statistics and mathematics that might be helpful to students trying to learn about new areas.

A search on YouTube will lead to a few fairly basic videos.

A better place to go is YouTube EDU which contains material from universities.

Something similar is offered at iTunesU

But the best stuff is on Academic Earth. For example,

These are all excellent full lecture courses from some of the top US universities (Berkeley, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, UCLA, Yale).

If anyone knows of some other good sources, please share them in the comments.