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Statistical jokes

Published on 15 July 2003

Most of these jokes were posted to Usenet news groups. Peo­ple who read such things col­lected them and put them on their web sites. I have shame­lessly bor­rowed them, edited them and posted them here for the light relief of other sta­tis­ti­cians. The Biol­o­gist, the Sta­tis­ti­cian, the Math­e­mati­cian, and the Com­puter Sci­en­tist A biol­o­gist, a sta­tis­ti­cian, a math­e­mati­cian, and a com­puter sci­en­tist are on a photo-​​​​safari in Africa. They drive out into the savan­nah in their jeep, stop, and scour the hori­zon with their binoc­u­lars. The biol­o­gist: “Look! There’s a herd of zebras! And there, in the mid­dle: a white zebra! It’s fan­tas­tic! There are white zebras! We’ll be famous!” The sta­tis­ti­cian: “It’s not sig­nif­i­cant. We only know there’s one white zebra.” The math­e­mati­cian: “Actu­ally, we know there exists a zebra which is white on one side.” The com­puter sci­en­tist: “Oh no! A spe­cial case!” The Physi­cist, the Chemist, and the Sta­tis­ti­cian Three pro­fes­sors (a physi­cist, a chemist, and a sta­tis­ti­cian) are called in to see their dean. Just as they arrive the dean is called out of his office, leav­ing the three pro­fes­sors there. The pro­fes­sors see with alarm that there is a fire in the waste­bas­ket. The physi­cist says, “I know what to do! We must cool down the mate­ri­als until their tem­per­a­ture


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