ODI looking for young postgrad statisticians

The Overseas Development Institute Fellowship Scheme sends young postgraduate statisticians (and economists) to work in the public sectors of developing countries in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific on two-year contracts. This is a great way to develop skills and gain experience working within a developing country’s government. And you get to live in a fascinating place!

The application process for the 2016-2018 Fellowship Scheme is now open. Students are advised to apply before 17 December 2015 for a chance to be part of the ODI Fellowship Scheme.

Essential criteria:

  • degree in statistics, economics, or a related field
  • postgraduate degree qualification
  • ability to commit to a two-year assignment

Application is via the online application form.

Read some first-hand experiences of current and former Fellows.


ABS seasonal adjustment update

Since my last post on the seasonal adjustment problems at the Australian Bureau of Statistics, I’ve been working closely with people within the ABS to help them resolve the problems in time for tomorrow’s release of the October unemployment figures.

Now that the ABS has put out a statement about the problem, I thought it would be useful to explain the underlying methodology for those who are interested. Continue reading →

Explaining the ABS unemployment fluctuations

Although the Guardian claimed yesterday that I had explained “what went wrong” in the July and August unemployment figures, I made no attempt to do so as I had no information about the problems. Instead, I just explained a little about the purpose of seasonal adjustment.

However, today I learned a little more about the ABS unemployment data problems, including what may be the explanation for the fluctuations. This explanation was offered by Westpac’s chief economist, Bill Evans (see here for a video of him explaining the issue). Continue reading →

Connect with local employers

I keep telling students that there are lots of jobs in data science (including statistics), and they often tell me they can’t find them advertised. As usual, you do have to do some networking, and one of the best ways of doing it is via a Data Science Meetup. Many cities now have them including Melbourne, Sydney, London, etc. It is the perfect opportunity to meet with local employers, many of which are hiring due to the huge expansion in the use of data analysis in business (aka business analytics).

At the end of each Melbourne meetup, some employers have been advertising their current analytic job openings to the audience.

Now the local organizers are going to extend the opportunity to allow job-searchers to give a 90 second pitch to employers. Details are provided on the message board.