Synchronizing WinEdt and pdf files

Being able to go from a line in WinEdt to the cor­re­spond­ing place in a com­piled doc­u­ment is extremely use­ful and saves a lot of time. This has long been pos­si­ble using Yap with dvi doc­u­ments, but Yap is slow and ugly and the dvi files usu­ally have to be con­verted to pdf before send­ing them to any­one else.

So I tend to use pdf­tex­ify to cre­ate pdf files directly, but I miss hav­ing syn­chro­niza­tion between what I write and the pdf file that is created.

How­ever, I’ve found a solu­tion that is not too dif­fi­cult to imple­ment and seems to work well. It replaces the Adobe pdf reader with Suma­traPDF.  There is some fid­dling of set­tings in WinEdt as explained in the instruc­tions below. The infor­ma­tion below is adapted from William Blum’s web­site.

  1. Down­load Suma­traPDF and install it to the (default) direc­tory c:\Program files\SumatraPDF
  2. For Winedt 6.0
    Run WinEdt and go to Options/​Execution Modes. Click on the “PDF Viewer” tab and click the “Suma­tra PDF” but­ton. Make sure the box under “Sync Tex” is ticked. Then click “OK”. That’s it!
  3. For Winedt 5.6.
    1. Down­load Acro­bat OpenDoc.edt and Sumatra-Find.edt and save them to C:\Program Files\WinEdt Team\WinEdt\Exec
    2. Run WinEdt and go to Options/​Execution Modes. Click on the “Acro­bat” tab and replace the path to the “PDF Viewer Exe­cutable” with"C:\Program files\SumatraPDF\SumatraPDF.exe" -reuse-instance. Like this:
    3. Before clos­ing the dia­log box, go to the “Con­sole Appli­ca­tions” tab and select “PDF­Tex­ify”. Change the switches field to--pdf --tex-option=--synctex=-1Sim­i­larly, for PDFLa­TeX and PDF­TeX, change the switches fields to--synctex=-1Then click “OK”.
    4. In WinEdt, go to the menu ‘Option/​Menu setup’. Cre­ate a new macro menu some­where (under ‘Acces­sories’ for instance) and fill the options as follows:
        Name: Sumatra Find

        Macro: Exe('%b\Exec\Sumatra-Find.edt');

        Requires File Fil­ter: %P\%N.pdf

        Start in: %P

        Short­cut: Shift-F8

      Now when edit­ing a .tex file in WinEdt, you can go to the cor­re­spond­ing line in the pdf doc­u­ment by press­ing Shift-​​F8.


  • The above instruc­tions only work with Mik­TeX (tested on Mik­TeX 2.7 and 2.8). If you use TeXLive, or some other LaTeX imple­men­ta­tion, then you will need to fig­ure it out for yourself.
  • You should not use the pdfsync package.
  • Some peo­ple have reported trou­ble with beamer. I have had no dif­fi­cul­ties using beamer with the above settings.
  • The above instruc­tions have now been updated (8 Sep 2009) to take account of all com­ments below.

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  • George

    It has worked per­fectly well. Thank you.

  • Prof. György SZEIDL

    the for­ward search does not work.

    my winedt direc­tory is


    i have mod­i­fied the line

    C:\Program Files\WinEdt Team\WinEdt\winedt.exe” “[Open(|%f|);SelPar(%l,8)]”

    accord­ingly to

    C:\WinEdt56\winedt.exe” “[Open(|%f|);SelPar(%l,8)]”

    and put the macro Sumatra-Find.edt into the directory


    i get the error mes­sage unknown macro: For­ward Search.

    the inverse search works perfectly.

    best regards
    g. szeidl

  • y. calleecha­ran

    Thanks. Press­ing F8 opens up the doc­u­ment to the page at which the doc­u­ment was browsed to after com­pi­la­tion. What am I doing wrong?

    F8 is not open­ing at the cor­re­spond­ing line.

    Best Regards

  • y.calleecharan

    Hello again,
    Sorry about my ear­lier post. It works fine. I lost sight of the for­est because of all the trees. I for­got to put \usepackage{pdfsync} in the pre­am­ble. Both for­ward and inverse search fea­tures seem to work fine.

    Best Regards,

  • Rob J Hyndman

    To Y. Calleecha­ran: I think the prob­lem is that you are using TeXLive rather than Mik­TeX. I have only tested the instruc­tions with Mik­TeX 2.7. TeXLive does not have a tex­ify command.

  • y.calleecharan

    Thanks. Yes indeed I’m using TeXLive. Alex from WinEdt also explained about the tex­ify issue. I’m now just using –synctex=-1 (with­out putting the pdf before) every­where for PDF­TeX, PDFLa­TeX, TeX­ify and PDF­TeX­ify. Now I get a .sync­tex file at last. And I don’t need the pdf­sync pack­age. The for­ward search seems to go to a posi­tion with 2–3 lines ear­lier to where it is sup­posed to point. But I can live with that. So it’s work­ing fine now with TeXLive 2008.

    I have one ques­tion. Maybe you would be kind to help here:
    Start­ing after a clean build, every time I press F8 the Suma­tra win­dow pops up max­i­mized at the cor­re­spond­ing line entry (with­out I need to close the PDF viewer each time). I found that if I made an inverse search, then tries for­ward search again then the suma­tra win­dow is not max­imzed as before. But of course still, suma­tra is going to the right line in the PDF file. Clos­ing the PDF win­dow after an inverse search resets things to normal.

    Is there a way by mod­i­fy­ing the macro para­me­ters to every time force the suma­tra win­dow to get max­i­mized on screen when press­ing F8? Or some­thing like clos­ing Suma­tra first and then open­ing it again.

    One more issue: I was sur­prised to see that when I click on a ref­er­ence entry in the bib­li­og­ra­phy at the end of the PDF doc­u­ment, it opens up the .bbl bib­li­og­ra­phy file at the cor­re­spond­ing entry. Well, is it pos­si­ble to open the .bib file instead of the .bbl file? This would indeed be very con­ve­nient if changes have to be made in the .bib file.

    Thanks a lot

    • Rob J Hyndman

      1. For TeXLive there is no pdf­tex­ify so it doesn’t mat­ter what switches you include. For pdf­tex and pdfla­tex you need --synctex=-1.

      2. I think you prob­a­bly mean that the suma­tra win­dow is not in focus (i.e., on top). By default, it remains hid­den behind your WinEdt win­dow. To change this, you need to mod­ify the file Sumatra-Find.edt. Go to line 38 and change to the following:


      The only change here is the last digit is changed from 0 to 1.

      3. I don’t think it is pos­si­ble to cre­ate links to the bib file(s). The way Bib­TeX works is that the bbl file is first cre­ated, and this is used when con­struct­ing the pdf file. So any links back to the bib files are not available.

  • y. calleecha­ran

    Thanks for your very prompt reply. I’ll answer accord­ing to your num­bered answers:

    1. Yes, you’re right. TeXLive is different.

    2. Thanks a lot. With the change that you spec­i­fied, it now works per­fectly i.e. the Suma­tra win­dow can be brought at any time on the top.

    3. No wor­ries for this one. I’m just becom­ing lazy and want every­thing to do in the min­i­mal time :).

    Again, many sin­cere thanks for your kind help in tak­ing time to help oth­ers. The for­ward– and inverse-​​search is indeed a big time saver. I never could make it work with Adobe Acrobat.

  • y. calleecha­ran

    Just a com­ment: In the instruc­tions listed, I found that on my machine doing step 3 or a com­bi­na­tion of steps 3 & 4 with­out doing step 2 will auto­mat­i­cally brings the required changes in Suma­tra regard­ing the path of WinEdt in Suma­tra as being done in Step 2.

  • Chris­t­ian

    Thank you for these detailed instruc­tions. It works with my instal­la­tion of WinEdt 5.5 /​ Mik­TeX 2.7 and the lat­est offi­cial release of Suma­traPDF (0.9.4) from its offi­cial web­site. Seems that the spe­cial ver­sion spec­i­fied in step 1 is no longer required.

    There is, how­ever, one more thing to con­sider with WinEdt. When the option “Start viewer” is active in one of the exe­cu­tion modes (step 4), for exam­ple in PDF­TeX­ify, then the Adobe Reader will be launched on top of Suma­traPDF. To avoid this behav­iour, one should con­sider replac­ing the macro “Acro­bat OpenDoc.edt” by an updated version:

    http://​www​.winedt​.org/​t​e​m​p​/​A​c​robat OpenDoc.edt”

    Best regards -

    • Rob J Hyndman

      Thanks Chris­t­ian. The instruc­tions have been amended accordingly.

  • Jan

    Thanks Rob and Chris­t­ian. The syn­chro­niza­tion is work­ing nicely.

    As men­tioned by Chris­t­ian, with the lat­est ver­sion of Suma­traPDF (beta 0.9.4) step 2 is not nec­es­sary anymore.

    Best regards,

    • Rob J Hyndman

      Thanks Jan. I’ve deleted the old step 2 (and sub­se­quent steps are now renumbered).

  • pedalracer@​googlemail.​com


    great that Rob updates infos here. I knew about Blum’ site but lot of old infos are con­fus­ing there.
    My ques­tion is, cause I do not under­stand the varib­ales in the macro, whether I can install sum­ma­tra somwhere else?
    I need it in \B: in my WinEdt pro­gram directory.

    thanks alot!

    • Rob J Hyndman

      You can install Suma­traPDF wher­ever you like, so long as the direc­tory is cor­rectly spec­i­fied in Step 3. The Sumatra-Find.edt macro will find Suma­traPDF using the loca­tion spec­i­fied in Step 3.

  • pedalracer@​googlemail.​com

    Thank you very much Rob.

    I got it now run­ning partly. For­ward search by hit­ting F8 in WinEdt works more or less. It aims a bit besides.
    But inverse or back­ward search is more impor­tan for me and is not work­ing. It seems to work on the first page but on page 2, 3, 4 etc. it isnt no more.

    I write a paper with a known struc­ture of projects that is like this.

    + main dir
    –project file.tex
    + sub­dir

    I use the include cmd, since I read that input is no good.

    Bingo, I real­ized that you have NOT to use the “search for­ward” option under con­sole appli­ca­tions! I think it is good to men­tion in your FAQ that users should backup their set­tings and then before they start edit­ing the above con­tent they press the but­ton to set DEFAULT settings :)

  • pedalracer@​googlemail.​com

    Hello Rob

    I got it now work­ing and am very happy.

    I want to ask you whether you want to pub­lish an arti­cle on W. Blum’s
    There is so less infor­ma­tion on it on the web despite it is such a great tool, when you can get it to run.

    best regards

  • Rob J Hyndman

    Good to know it’s work­ing for you. Thanks for the pointer to LaTeX­Dae­mon — I’ll add it to my list of things to cover.

  • Pedro

    Hello Rob

    Thanks! Works great, except in one sit­u­a­tion.
    If I call “Suma­tra Find” when the pdf file is not already open in Suma­tra, WinEdt hangs (busy for ever). I looked at the edt file but I am not sure how to test for this sit­u­a­tion and open the file in Suma­tra automatically.

    I am using WinEdt 5.6 Beta and Mik­TeX 2.8 on Vista SP 2.

    Very nice and use­ful blog, by the way. I am an agron­o­mist turned biol­o­gist and use both LaTeX and R reg­u­larly, and find your blog and insights very useful.

  • Ziv Ran

    Thanks! It works per­fectly (with Mik­Tex 2.7). SO good to get
    away from Yap.

    The only slight improve­ment I can sug­gest is to make Win­dows focus on the Suma­tra window

  • ped­al­racer


    It stopped work­ing for me. Even for­ward search is no longer doing its job. All looks as it looks in this guide.

    I won­der if there is some­thing else impor­tant. I must ask what option is given under options/​execution mode/​tex options and there under
    Tex aux­il­iary out­put folder?

    Since I have my project struc­tured in sub­fold­ers I assume that there is the culprit.

    What I have is that I got the project.synctex with the project.pdf but Suma­tra can’t use it for for­ward or inverse search. So I think that it may be linked to the fact that I have my chap­ters in the sub­dir \chapters\ ?!?

  • Rob J Hyndman

    I haven’t tested it using sub­fold­ers. On my sys­tem, I’m using %P as the aux­il­iary out­put folder.

  • ped­al­man

    Dear Rob

    thank you for the infor­ma­tion on the aux out­put folder. I rein­stalled my Winedt on another machine in order to check what the default set­ting is there. How­ever, I changed it to %P by check­ing the but­ton in the options.
    Unluck­ily, it is not work­ing. I deleted all work­ing files (aux etc.) and so on but I Suma­tra is say­ing that
    There is no syn­cro­ni­sa­tion info at this point.…. !?!

    What a pity, since there is after each PdfLa­tex run a thesis.synctex. So, for some rea­sons Suma­tra is not tak­ing this into account. How­ever, I imple­mented the Sumatra.edt macro and it once worked.
    Maybe, there is a link to Mik­Tex 2.8x?

  • Rob J Hyndman

    I don’t think I can help fur­ther. I now have it work­ing on three com­put­ers, all with Mik­TeX 2.8 and Suma­traPDF v0.9.4beta. It was pre­vi­ously work­ing fine with Mik­Tex 2.7 and Suma­traPDF v0.9.3. The sub­fold­ers could still be your problem.

  • ped­al­man


    thanks in advance for your patience. The good news are I found the prob­lem and solved it!!

    I think this will be help­ful for oth­ers too.

    I had to change all calls for any .tex fils from my project main file into XYZ.tex from orig­i­nally XYZ with­out tex.

    So in my case it has to look like.


    Note the file end­ings when using input :)


  • Rob J Hyndman

    \input is not usu­ally rec­om­mended. The pre­ferred method is \include{}. You might find it works bet­ter with \include{}.

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  • Lars Relund

    Hi Rob

    After some work I got it to work. I had to

    1) change to DDEExe(‘[ForwardSearch(“%P\%N.pdf”,”%p%n%t”,%!l,0,0,0)]’);> line in Sumatra-Find.edt to DDEExe(‘[ForwardSearch(“%P\%N.pdf”,”%n%t”,%!l,0,0,0)]’);>

    2) More­over, inverse search did not work before installing William Blum’s own ver­sion of Suma­tra pdf. Here you can set the com­man­d­line of inverse search. My prob­lem was that it looked in the ‘Pro­gram Files’ folder. Mine is named ‘Pro­gram­mer’ instead (Dan­ish WinXP version).


  • Marc

    Thanks a lot for the detailed instructions!

    For­ward search works fine hit­ting F8, but not when click­ing the PDF­Tex­ify but­ton. Do you know of a way to also enable for­ward search with PDFTexify?

    Inverse search works too, but only for the first two lines of a sec­tion. I guess this behav­ior is caused by me using soft word wrap­ping in WinEdt. For inverse search to work as expected one should prob­a­bly resort to smart wrapping.

  • Cris

    I fol­lowed ypur poce­dure and every­thing works well. The only prob­lem that I have is with the short­key F8. When I use it the Sumatra-Find.edt file is open and the fol­low­ing phase is highlighted

    Run(‘%$(“AcroRead”); –reuse-​​instance –inverse-​​search “\”%B\WinEdt.exe\”

    What is the trouble?

    Thanks Cristina

  • Myr­iam

    I’m hav­ing trou­bles with the for­ward search. I did all the steps but when i am hit­ting the F8 key, I get an warn­ing mes­sage say­ing:
    Key­word expected
    ^^^ ÿþ/​
    and then noth­ing hap­pen…
    Any idea what could it be?

    Also 2 files open with suma­tra when push­ing the Tex­tify but­ton… Is that normal?

    Thanks for the help.

    • Rob J Hyndman

      Both prob­lems sound odd. I haven’t seen them before. Make sure you’re using WinEdt 5.6 and Mik­TeX 2.8. Oth­er­wise I don’t know what the prob­lems could be.

  • Peter


    Thank you very much for shar­ing this infor­ma­tion. It works per­fectly fine for me. I though have a ques­tion : why Suma­traPDF ? Does it work with Acro­bat Reader ?

    Best regards

    • Rob J Hyndman

      No, it doesn’t work with Acro­bat Reader. Suma­traPDF allows the pdf file to be changed exter­nally while it is still loaded.

  • Phillip Li

    Hi Rob,

    Thanks for the infor­ma­tive blog.

    I fol­lowed the instruc­tions exactly and got it to work almost per­fectly. When I press F8, the entire para­graph gets high­lighted in Sum­traPDF instead of the line. Is this normal?

    I’m using Winedt Build: 20071003 (v. 5.5) and Sum­traPDF V1.0.1.

    Any ideas? Thanks a lot

    • Rob J Hyndman

      Yes, that is nor­mal. The sync mark­ers are only done at para­graph level, not at line level.

  • Shane

    This is an excel­lent tuto­r­ial! Thanks for putting it up, its really helped me out!

  • Hans

    I am using Winedt 6 + Mik­tex 2.8.
    I have the prob­lem that the Suma­tra pdf does not update after a new PDF has been cre­ated and Suma­tra has been invoked with for­ward search.

    Even with Shift+F8 (which will invoke the for­ward search), the for­ward search dis­plays the cor­rect loca­tion, but the doc­u­ment stays the same. The only pos­si­b­lity to get Suma­tra to show the new doc­u­ment is to close it or press “r” for reload.
    Is there a pos­si­b­lity to have Winedt make Suma­tra auto­mat­i­cally reload the doc­u­ment before invok­ing for­ward search?

  • Hans

    I have found the error: The file was on a net­work drive!
    Suma­tra does not refresh in this case. Solu­tion is to copy it to the inter­nal harddisk.

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  • Yuval

    Will this suma­traPDF solu­tion admit for­ward search also from file1.tex file2.tex etc that are attached to the main file with \include{file1} \include{file2}.

    I can not do such for­ward search with the YAP dvi (Is there a way to do it ?)

    So I may have two rea­sons to try your solution

    I use WinEDT 5.6 Mik­tex 2.7−2.8 Win­dows XP and Vista

    • Rob J Hyndman

      Yes, I’ve just tried with WinEdt 5.6 using a file with sev­eral \include{}s and it worked fine.

      • Yuval

        Sounds good.
        Can I assume the dvi and Suma­traPDF forward/​backward searches will live hap­pily side by side?
        (For small projects I expect to still pre­fer what seems to be a more accu­rate point­ing of the yap)

        Thank you for your prompt response

        • Rob J Hyndman

          Yes, they both work. Dou­ble click to get from either yap or Suma­traPDF back to the rel­e­vant line in WinEdt. To go the other way, use Shift-​​F8 for pdf and Ctrl-​​Shift-​​S for dvi.

          • Yuval

            I went through the installation.

            Reversed search works fine. Direct search does not. More pre­cisely, direct search works well from the main file but not
            from any of the include files. In other words, both YAP and the Suma­tra can not do a direct search from any of the include files. On a sec­ond thought it kind of “makes sense” . The dvi search but­tons are not high­lighted in the files that were com­piled by the main file through \include{} com­mands. So they do not “know” they became part of the big DVI or big Suma­traPDF file. What did I miss? It seems that the direct search might work only if Mik­tex (I used the V2.8) has a way to tell the included files that they were actu­ally “latextified”.

            Hope I do not bur­den you with a too dif­fi­cult ques­tion.
            I can of course default to pour­ing all the files into the main file
            if there is no solution.


          • Rob J Hyndman

            You do need to set the main file as the “main file” in WinEdt. Then it should work fine.

  • Lily

    I am using WinEdt 6.0 and Mik­TeX 2.8 on Vista. After I down­loaded Suma­trapdf reader, I went to Options/​Execution Modes/​PDFViewer fol­low­ing your instruc­tion, but the tab for Suma­tra PDF is in shadow and does not respond when I click on it. It seems that WinEdt can­not detect Suma­trapdf reader.

    After I man­u­ally changed the Pdf View Exe­cutable to D:\Program Files\Sumatrapdf, it indeed worked for the direct and inverse search which is great. But some other pack­ages like hyper­ref don’t work.

    Any com­ment will be appre­ci­ated. Thanks

    • Rob J Hyndman

      Strange. I have the same com­bi­na­tion (but on Win­dows 7) and it works for me. Make sure you have Suma­trapdf v1.1 and that it is installed in the default directory.

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  • Fer­nando Nadal


    I have MiK­TeX 2.7 and WinEdt 6 run­ning on my PC. I work with PDF files (PDFLa­TeX). My TeX sources are orga­nized in fold­ers and sub­fold­ers and I use the \import{}{} LaTeX com­mand to include them (I think it has bet­ter nested folder sup­port than \include or \input).

    PDF (For­ward) Search doesn’t work because can’t find source TeX files located on sub­fold­ers. I have changed 1 line of PDF Search.edt and now it works for me:

    On the :Sumatra_​Running:: sec­tion change this:


    with this:


    The change, %p\%n%t, gets the absolute path of the file, that’s all.

    I hope this can help some one else.

  • Matthew

    I have a ques­tion that cor­re­lates to this thread.…when I click PDF­Tex­ify, I end up with the PDF in my direc­tory, but it does not ‘auto-​​launch’ in Adobe, as I have seen in other setups…how do I make the PDF launch right away with­out hav­ing to search for it and open it?

    • Rob J Hyndman

      Are you sure you are click­ing PDF­TeX­ify? Click­ing PDFLa­TeX will have the effect you describe. But PDF­TeX­ify should also run the viewer. You can check the set­tings under Options/​Execution Modes/​Console Applications.

  • salein

    Thank you very much,

    This is an excel­lent tuto­r­ial! Thanks for putting it up, its really helped me out!

    François Salein (France)

  • Ste­fan

    Thank you! It works great.

  • Peter

    I use winedt 6.0 and Mik­tex 2.9
    my for­ward syn­croniz­ing does’t work.
    Can you please give me some hint what can be wrong. Before I had Mik­tex 2.8 with the same problem.

    It sholud be triv­ial but.…not for me.

    • Rob J Hyndman

      Not with­out more infor­ma­tion. It works for me.

  • Daniel L

    Step 1 and Step 2 works flaw­less with WinEdt6, Mik­Tex 2.9 and Suma­tra, but only if NO SPACES are avail­able in the file names!!

    Would you con­sider adding that to the oth­er­wise bril­liant instructions.

    (Spaces did work with the old “pdf­sync” pack­age thus some con­ver­sion bugs might appear if not the spaces are considered)

  • Han Lin Shang

    I have spent some time to setup the reverse-​​search of Sumatra-​​Find in WinEdt 6.0 under Win­dows 7. I have put the pro­ce­dures below in hope to help others.

    In WinEdt 6.0, the menu setup is in Option/​Options Interface/​Menus and Toolbars/​Main Menu/​Accessories

    You should see a file called MainMenu.ini

    Then, copy and paste this some­where under the Acces­sories.
    ITEM=“Sumatra Find“
    CAPTION=”&Sumatra Find“

    This should allow the reverse-​​search work.

    • Rob J Hyndman

      Han. This is not nec­es­sary if you have the lat­est ver­sion of Suma­traPDF and fol­low the instruc­tions at the top of my post.

  • Sun

    I was to use Tex oupt­put dvi->ps->pdf as i have to embed­ded cer­tain fonts. With the con­fig­u­ra­tion that you have men­tioned above, it gives a error “LaTeX Failed to Cre­ate a DVI file”. How­ever, for default tex­ify –pdf it works good. Is there any work around for this?

  • Arthur

    Thanks for this great how-​​to.

    It didn’t work for me at first (WinEdt 5.5, MiK­TeX 2.9). The prob­lem for me, as for Peter, was that i have the bad habit of includ­ing spaces in my TeX file names! While my files would com­pile fine before, they would not com­pile with the option synctex=-1. Elim­i­nat­ing the spaces in file names solved the problem.

    Thanks again.

  • Pepe

    Thanks a lot, it worked almost perfectly!

    I how­ever stum­bled over a minor prob­lem. The for­ward search works flaw­lessly. The reverse search works as well, but upon invok­ing, it opens a new copy of Winedt 6 (in the new copy of Winedt, it opens the cor­re­spond­ing file-​​tab, and goes directly to the proper place). I just won­der why it didn’t like the copy of WinEdt (with the cor­re­spond­ing file) that was already open. Any ideas?

  • Fahad

    I am sorry, I am new to this stuff.  I couldnt fol­low the Step 4, for Winedt 5.6.  How to cre­ate this macro, could you please explain a little

    • Rob J Hyndman

      It’s a whole lot sim­pler to upgrade to WinEdt 6.0. Fail­ing that, read the WinEdt help about cre­at­ing macros.

  • sai

    Fur­ther to my last mes­sage I would like to update that, if I com­ment the line:
    //Run(‘%$(“AcroRead”); –reuse-​​instance –inverse-​​search “”%BWinEdt.exe” “[Open(|%%f|);SelPar(%%l,8);]”“‘, ‘%P’);And enable the line:Run(‘C:Program FilesSumatraPDFSumatraPDF-TeX.exe –reuse-instance’,’%P’);

    This works. I hope you can give me some idea whats the issue here. Appre­ci­ate your help. Thanks.

    • Rob J Hyndman

      It sounds like AcroRead is not resolv­ing to SumatraPDF. 

      • sai

        The Warn­ing is:
         Can­not Run –reuse-​​instance –inverse-​​search “C:Program.…WinEdt.exe .….

        WinEdt ver­sion# 6
        Mik­Tex Ver­sion# 2.9

        Could you please give a solu­tion to the prob­lem? Thanks. 

        • Sai

          Well its fine now.

          Since ver­sion 6, WinEdt uses Suma­traPDF as the default PDF viewer if it is installed. It auto­mat­i­cally con­fig­ures forward/​inverse-​​search. The default short­cut for for­ward search is Shift+F8.” Ref:  william.famille-blu dot org

  • Anony­mous

    Dear Hyn­d­man,

    Thanks a lot for the use­ful information!

    I am using WinEdt 6, Win7-​​64bit and Mik­tex 2.8. I fol­lowed your steps with some another sug­ges­tion  in the post.

    I am writ­ing a the­sis where I have dif­fer­ent chap­ters in dif­fer­ent sub-​​folders but my main file is in the main folder. 

    For me, when I select some text in the tex file and press F8 it opens the Suma­tra pdf but always at same point. 

    And when I dou­ble click on the text in Suma­tra pdf it shows (some­where in the top-​​left cor­ner ) that “No Syn­croniza­tion info at this posi­tion”.. Can you please pro­vide some suggestions..

    Look­ing for­ward to hear from you soon

    • Rob J Hyndman

      Make sure you’ve set the switches in pdf­TeX­ify (or what­ever you use to com­pile the file) to
      –pdf –tex-option=–synctex=-1 

  • Anony­mous

    Hello Mr. Hyndman,

    Thanks for your quick reply.… but some­how the whole process is not work­ing accurately/​smoothly. 

    When I go from PDF->TEX: It shows again the same prob­lem “No Syn­croniza­tion info at this posi­tion”. But if I dou­ble click on the fig­ure cap­tions then it works quite accu­rate but oth­er­wise no.

    When I go from TEX->PDF :: I am for­warded to the page (same or +/​-​​  1page) but not the exact loca­tions. Is it normal?

    Thanks again for your reply..

  • Beregorn88

    solved. I need to remove all space in the file’s name

  • Ziv Ran

    Hi, I have the prob­lem that for­ward search fails to find the tex file: on press­ing for­ward search, suma­tra shows a lit­tle box with the mes­sage: Unknown source file (filename.tex) where filename.tex is the cor­rect path to the tex file– how come ?

  • C.

    I have WinEdt6.0 and Suma­tra v1.9 and Mik­Tech 2.9. I did exactly what is desi­cribed above (points 1 and 2). But the for­ward search isn’t work­ing. So if I press Shift+Ctrl+F8, noth­ing hap­pens.
    I have also tried to input the com­mand in the accessories-​​menu. I can see the item there, but it is grey shaded, so I can’t click on it.
    (back­ward search is ok)
    What did I wrong?

    Thanks, C.

  • Rob J Hyndman

    It is now nearly three years since I wrote this post, and the com­bi­na­tion of WinEdt, Suma­traPDF and Mik­TeX is no longer the best set-​​up in my opin­ion. Instead, I now rec­om­mend TeX­Studio as dis­cussed at 
    http://​rob​jhyn​d​man​.com/​r​e​s​e​a​r​c​h​t​i​p​s​/​t​e​x​s​t​udio/ and 

    Con­se­quently I am clos­ing the com­ments here.