What should we call the stats Q&A site?

The Q&A site at stats​.stack​ex​change​.com has been steam­ing ahead with loads of good ques­tions and answers. We are cur­rently try­ing to select a name and not many peo­ple have voted. Although we have more than 1300 users of the site, less than 40 peo­ple have cur­rently voted on the name.

There are four days left. So if you have signed up to use the site, please go to site name selec­tion and vote.

If you haven’t signed up to use the site, please try it out now. Any­one doing data analy­sis will find it use­ful.

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  • http://www.r-statistics.com Tal Galili

    I voted.

    Thank you for all your pro­mo­tion Rob, it has turned out to be an amaz­ing website (!)