Software for honours students

I spoke to our new crop of honours students this morning. Here are my slides, example files and links.


Managing References

Data analysis and computation

Writing your thesis


RMarkdown template

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  • Han Oostdijk

    Thanks for sharing Rob. Especially the RMarkdown/Latex template will be very useful.

  • Felipe

    I get an error message when running the index.Rmd in RStudio

    output file:

    ! LaTeX Error: File `carlito.sty’ not found.

    ! Emergency stop.

    • So fix it. The error message is clear enough. I’m not running a help service here.

      • Felipe

        Well, you are bragging about reproducible research and yours is not. Just scratch off my question.

  • Paul Bernal

    I have a univariate time series going from october 1985 to september 2016, I would have thought this had enough past observations in order to generate forecasts with the ses model.

    How much more monthly observations do I need in order to generate forecasts using the ses model?

    > tsdata
    > sesModel
    > sesForecast<-forecast(sesModel, h=12)
    Error in forecast.forecast(sesModel, h = 12) :
    Please select a longer horizon when the forecasts are first computed