SimpleR tips, tricks and tools

I gave this talk last night to the Melbourne Users of R Network.


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  • I would be very interested in this talk. Unfortunately, it is 14,306 mi, and 369 hours away from my place (Bonn, Germany) by car (at least google maps says so). Is it possible that you upload your slides? This would be fantastic! Thank you for considering.

  • Xavier

    Yes, please. +1 to Marc’s comment. It would be great for Europeans if you can point to a link with at least a summary of your tips.

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  • Hi,
    Could you upload the files you used to get the pdf from a tex file using a makefile? I have tried to replicate your example but it hasn’t worked for me.

    I get this error:

    make: Circular figs <- figs dependency dropped.
    make: *** No rule to make target `/%.pdf', needed by `figs'. Stop.

    In addition, my workplace doesn't update after running the R files using the makefile.


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  • Hans

    very exciting talk! but where can i get the slides, the links below the youtube-video doesnt workt 🙁

    • Sorry, there was a problem with the slides. They should now be visible above.

      • Hans

        Well, that was a very fast answer in the middle of the night. (actually its 1 am in germany 🙂

        thank you so much, have a nice evening and greetings vom germany