Forecasting with R

The fol­low­ing video has been pro­duced to adver­tise my upcom­ing course on Fore­cast­ing with R, run in part­ner­ship with Rev­o­lu­tion Ana­lyt­ics.

The course will run from 21 Octo­ber to 4 Decem­ber, for two hours each week. More details are avail­able at http://​rob​jhyn​d​man​.com/​h​y​n​d​s​i​g​h​t​/​r​e​v​o​l​u​t​i​o​n​r​2013/

If you are inter­ested, please reg­is­ter for the course at the fol­low­ing link.

Register for the course here

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