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Refereeing a journal article

Published on 20 January 2012

I’ve writ­ten briefly on this before. For an excel­lent and more detailed dis­cus­sion of what is involved, there is a series of excel­lent posts on Pat Thomson’s blog:

  1. Ref­er­ee­ing a jour­nal arti­cle part 1: reading
  2. Ref­er­ee­ing a jour­nal arti­cle part 2: mak­ing a recommendation
  3. Ref­er­ee­ing a jour­nal arti­cle part 3: writ­ing the feedback

If every reviewer fol­lowed her advice, my life as an edi­tor would be much eas­ier, and the qual­ity of research would be improved.

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  • Patri­cia Thomson

    Thanks for the rec­om­men­da­tion. I noticed a sig­nif­i­cant increase in traf­fic which came via your blog. I’m also pleased it made cross dis­ci­pli­nary sense. Pat Thomson.