R help on StackOverflow

Ever since I began using R about ten years ago, the best place to find R help was on the R-​​help mail­ing list. But it is time-​​consuming search­ing through the archives try­ing to find some­thing from a long time ago, and there is no way to sort out the good advice from the bad advice.

But now there is a new tool and it is very neat. Head over to the R tag on Stack­Over­flow. Stack­Over­flow is a web­site for pro­gram­ming ques­tions. It’s much bet­ter than a mail­ing list because it allows easy search­ing through answers, and vot­ing on answers so that the best answers appear at the top.

If you are a reg­is­tered user (reg­is­tra­tion is free), you can vote on the answers that you find. The more votes your answers receive, the more priv­i­leges you have on the site. This is the web at its best! Here are my answers to date.

It would be great if more R users migrated from the old R-​​help list to Stack­Over­flow.

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