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Stay­ing in touch with other researchers is impor­tant. You need to know about up-​​coming con­fer­ences, sem­i­nars, jobs, etc. To this end, it is worth find­ing a few key email lists to join. A long list of lists in econo­met­rics and sta­tis­tics is pro­vided by Econo­met­ri­cLinks. Browse through it to find top­ics of inter­est. No doubt researchers in other dis­ci­plines have their own lists, but I don’t know about them.

For those in Aus­tralia and New Zealand, there are two local lists that every sta­tis­ti­cian and econo­me­tri­cian should be on:

  • Aus­tralia and New Zealand sta­tis­tics: ANZ­s­tat.
  • Aus­tralia and New Zealand econo­met­rics: ANZecmet

I man­age the ANZecmet list, and to make it easy to join you can sim­ply use the fol­low­ing sub­scrip­tion box.

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