LaTeX templates

Some of the most popular pages on this site are my LaTeX templates: for a curriculum vitae, a beamer poster, a beamer talk, Monash University working paper and a Monash University thesis. Almost all new LaTeX users begin with templates, so it is surprising that there aren’t more good templates around to get people started.

Now there is a great new website for LaTeX templates: There are some nice templates for letters, lab reports, calendars, theses, assignments, essays, and CVs.  The templates are well-structured with lots of comments to make it easy to understand how they work, and to make modifications. Even experienced LaTeXers will probably learn some new tricks and new packages from browsing the templates.

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  • Kamakshaiah

    Sir, it is very useful in deed, but I had tried some time on LATEX. It seems difficult rather compared to ordinary word processors like, Word and OpenOffice. But I am interested to learn and do my works with the help of LATEX. Can you please suggest me certain docs/works as how can I grow interest on this……

    • See