Great papers to read

My research group meets every two weeks. It is always fun to talk about gen­eral research issues and new tools and tips we have dis­cov­ered. We also use some of the time to dis­cuss a paper that I choose for them. Today we dis­cussed Breiman’s clas­sic (2001) two cul­tures paper — some­thing every sta­tis­ti­cian should read, includ­ing the discussion.

I select papers that I want every mem­ber of research team to be famil­iar with. Usu­ally they are clas­sics in fore­cast­ing, or they are recent sur­vey papers.

In the last cou­ple of months we have also read the fol­low­ing papers:

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  • Stephan Kolassa

    Nice. How about shar­ing which papers you dis­cuss on the blog? (Or even bet­ter, assign a stu­dent to guest-​​post a sum­mary of the paper and your discussion…)

    • Rob J Hyndman

      Thanks my plan. I was just doing a catch-​​up of papers that I hadn’t men­tioned so far. From now on, I hope to post each time we dis­cuss a paper. Get­ting a guest-​​post out of a stu­dent is prob­a­bly too dif­fi­cult though!