Great papers to read

My research group meets every two weeks. It is always fun to talk about general research issues and new tools and tips we have discovered. We also use some of the time to discuss a paper that I choose for them. Today we discussed Breiman’s classic (2001) two cultures paper — something every statistician should read, including the discussion.

I select papers that I want every member of research team to be familiar with. Usually they are classics in forecasting, or they are recent survey papers.

In the last couple of months we have also read the following papers:

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  • Stephan Kolassa

    Nice. How about sharing which papers you discuss on the blog? (Or even better, assign a student to guest-post a summary of the paper and your discussion…)

    • Thanks my plan. I was just doing a catch-up of papers that I hadn’t mentioned so far. From now on, I hope to post each time we discuss a paper. Getting a guest-post out of a student is probably too difficult though!

  • Michael G

    It was very inspiring reading all the papers in your “research group” series. Would you consider starting to share the papers you find essential again? Thanks for taking the time to run this blog. It’s a great source of information!