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A great new fea­ture has been added to Google Scholar Cita­tions. For those authors who have set up a cita­tions page, it is now pos­si­ble to get email alerts for any new arti­cles they pub­lish, or for any new cita­tions of their arti­cles. So you can track cita­tions to your own work this way, and stay up-​​to-​​date with key authors in your field.

Set­ting up a Google Cita­tions page is super-​​easy and was already worth doing. This new func­tion­al­ity is another rea­son to do it. After all, as researchers we want peo­ple to read our stuff, so we might as well make it as easy as pos­si­ble for peo­ple to find what we write.

To set up your Google Cita­tions page, go to scholar​.google​.com/​c​i​t​a​tions.

To fol­low an author, find their cita­tions page and look for the “Fol­low this author” box at the top right of the page.

Hope­fully, Google will add RSS feeds as an option in the future as I’d much rather get alerts that way then by yet more email in my inbox.

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  • Andrew Wheeler

    Another type of func­tion­al­ity with google scholar that peo­ple might be inter­ested in are scholar alerts. You can get email noti­fi­ca­tions for new arti­cles that appear under dif­fer­ent search terms. (After you do a google scholar search, a link say­ing cre­ate email alert appears under the search bar)

    Thanks for shar­ing! And I wish they had an RSS option as well. 

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  • Dan East­wood

    Very nice. Thanks for the tip.

  • kwame

    This is good but I think it is not fair for peo­ple to fol­low some­body with­out the per­son know­ing those fol­low­ing him or her. There should be a fea­ture which allows authors to know all those fol­low­ing him or her. Thanks.

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