Feedback on OTexts covers please

We are currently selecting the cover design for OTexts books. The first one to go into print will be Forecasting: principles and practice. We have narrowed the choice to the two designs below, although changes are still possible. I thought it would be useful to get some feedback on these designs from readers of this blog (and from people who subscribe to my twitter feed).

If you have any comments or suggestions, please add them below.

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  • Phillip Burger

    I think choice 2 is too much circa the 1990’s. I think it will make your book look dated at release.

    voted for choice 1. I don’t like this option but feel it is the better
    of the two choices. I don’t like it because it shows a pen on graph
    paper. Analysis now uses software.

    I think the use of a plot,
    chart, or graph is a good idea. Use a graphic that you implement in your
    content, a graphic that is published in your book. The book implements
    using R. Use a graphic on the cover that is produced out of R.

    I think it’d be really rich. Using graphics on covers from the content is another way to connect with the readers. I love to make the connection when reading of recognizing a graphic on the page that is also the cover of the book.

  • ‘Dillo

    I don’t like either. One seems almost Excel-like and two seems kinda trivial compared to the complexity of forecasting. Any chance of getting a new choice? 🙂

  • I don’t like option 2.
    For option 1, is it possible to replace the background picture by one that is more representative to forecasting?
    On the title, do you have to put a “:” after “forecasting”? I think the small font of “principles and practice” already tell people it’s a sub-title.
    On the author line, how about removing “and”? I guess people should be able to tell that there are two authors even without the “and”.

  • Robert

    The book is outstanding as opposed to covers that I would say are old-fashioned. I know that a packaging is meaningless and contents count but if you ask you care. Anyway, your name attracts many people but not covers. I’ve reckoned that 1st edition is the most important forecasting book for people (especially for students) with economic background and should be the first choice. Many thanks for your great and hard work and willingness to share your knowledge and experiences.

  • dksamuel

    Sir, please also make available a pdf, as from India I can download and print (at far cheaper than even the mailing charges)

  • Woodstock

    I’m looking forward to this…

    Re: my choice, I voted for #1, but wasn’t completely happy with either. I liked the background graphic of #1, but preferred the title layout and design of #2, FWIW.

  • hk

    I prefer “choice 2”, but I think the authors’ names and also the text under the title should have more weight to be more readable. Preserving readability in typography is a must.