My forecasting book now on Amazon

For all those people asking me how to obtain a print version of my book “Forecasting: principles and practice” with George Athanasopoulos, you now can.

FPP cover

Order on

Order on

Order on

The online book will continue to be freely available. The print version of the book is intended to help fund the development of the OTexts platform.

The price is US$45, £27 or €35.

Compare that to $195 for my previous forecasting textbook, $150 for Fildes and Ord, or $182 for Gonzalez-Rivera. No matter how good the books are, the prices are absurdly high.

OTexts is intended to be a different kind of publisher — all our books are online and free, those in print will be reasonably priced.

The online version will continue to be updated regularly. The print version is a snapshot of the online version today. We will release a new print edition occasionally, no more than annually and only when the online version has changed enough to warrant a new print edition.

We are planning an offline electronic version as well. I’ll announce it here when it is ready.

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  • Li Jiahan

    So cool/generous to have a free online version. Thanks.

  • littlea1

    Is there going to be a kindle or epub version of the book?


  • dksamuel

    Sir today I received my copy bought from Amazon , it is a bit slim but is very nice and intelligently written, with R I can use it in my scientific studies, thanks you so much

  • Kiran Rama

    please get an ebook so that awea can read on kindle OR on computer offline –