Follow-up forecasting forum in Eindhoven

Last October I gave a 3-day masterclass on “Forecasting with R” in Eindhoven, Netherlands. There is a follow-up event planned for Tuesday 18 April 2017. It is particularly designed for people who attended the 3-day class, but if anyone else wants to attend they would be welcome.

Please register here if you want to attend.

The preliminary schedule is as follows.

10.00 — 11.00 New developments in forecasting using R

  • forecast v8.0
  • prophet
  • forecastHybrid
  • opera
Coffee break
11.15 — 12.15 Open discussion of forecasting problems and questions
Lunch break
13.00 — 14.00 Brainstorm about possible features for forecast v9.0

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  • Paul Bernal

    Dear Dr. Hyndman,

    How can I incorporate the dates generated by the forecast function to the actual forecasts as a data frame? Say, if I am using the ets() function to generate my forecasts, the output gives you the Point Forecast, Low 80, High 80, Low and High 95 but I want to add another column(field) named period that has the future dates of the forecast, how can I accomplish this?