Data visualization videos

Prob­a­bly every­one has seen Hans Rosling’s famous TED talk by now. If not, here it is:

I recently came across a cou­ple of other excep­tional talks on data visualization:

Hans Rosling again: “Let my dataset change your mind­set”. If only all sta­tis­tics lec­tur­ers were this dynamic!

David McCan­d­less: “The beauty of data visu­al­iza­tion”. Not so excit­ing as Hans, but some great exam­ples.

And here’s an hour-​​length doc­u­men­tary hosted by Hans Rosling called “The Joy of Stats”.

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  • Yaroslav Bula­tov

    Any idea what tools he is using?

    • Rob J Hyndman

      Hans Rosling uses Gap­Min­der. I don’t know what David McCan­d­less uses.

  • Andy K

    McCan­d­less uses Adobe Illus­tra­tor I think he said. For him it’s about mak­ing it pretty.