CrossValidated Journal Club

Journal Clubs are a great way to learn new research ideas and to keep up with the literature. The idea is that a group of people get together every week or so to discuss a paper of joint interest. This can happen within your own research group or department, or virtually online.

There is now a virtual journal club operating in conjunction with The first paper discussed was on text data mining. It appears that the next paper may be on collaborative filtering.

The emphasis is on Open Access papers, preferably with associated software that is freely available. Some of the discussion tends to centre on how to implement the ideas in R.

For those of us in Australia, the timing is tricky. The first discussion took place at 3am local time!

If you can’t make the CrossValidated Journal Club chats, why not start your own local club?

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  • Chuda

    I have the following variables

    0. year= time period

    1. prodn_paddy= annual
    paddy production

    2. harv-area= harvested

    3. farmhv_price=farm
    harvested price

    4. fert_consump=
    fertilizer consumption

    5. n_tractors= nuber of

    6. seed_consump= seed

    7. annual_rain= annual
    mean rain fall

    8. annual_temp= annual
    mean temperature

    9. rr_varieties= number of
    registered and released varieties

    10. rurl_popln= rural

    11. mlag_lbfrc= male
    agricultural labor force

    12. fmlag_lbrfrc=female
    agricultural labor force

    Missing data recorded for the above variables are:

    1. farm harvest price (1961-1965= 5) and (2008-2010=3) ,

    2. fertilizer consumption (of the year 2010= 1),

    3. number of tractors(2003-2010=8),

    4.annual rainfall (1961-1975=15) and of the year (2004 =1) data points are missing

    5.annual temperature of the years (1961-1975=15) data points are missing.

    All together 48 data points are missing! And

    I want them all be imputed can any one help me out in this regards… how and
    what methods of imputations would be the best one for this?