CrossValidated Journal Club

Jour­nal Clubs are a great way to learn new research ideas and to keep up with the lit­er­a­ture. The idea is that a group of peo­ple get together every week or so to dis­cuss a paper of joint inter­est. This can hap­pen within your own research group or depart­ment, or vir­tu­ally online.

There is now a vir­tual jour­nal club oper­at­ing in con­junc­tion with Cross​Val​i​dated​.com. The first paper dis­cussed was on text data min­ing. It appears that the next paper may be on col­lab­o­ra­tive fil­ter­ing.

The empha­sis is on Open Access papers, prefer­ably with asso­ci­ated soft­ware that is freely avail­able. Some of the dis­cus­sion tends to cen­tre on how to imple­ment the ideas in R.

For those of us in Aus­tralia, the tim­ing is tricky. The first dis­cus­sion took place at 3am local time!

If you can’t make the Cross­Val­i­dated Jour­nal Club chats, why not start your own local club?

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  • Chuda

    I have the fol­low­ing variables

    0. year= time period

    1. prodn_​paddy= annual
    paddy production

    2. harv-​​area= har­vested

    3. farmhv_price=farm
    har­vested price

    4. fert_​consump=
    fer­til­izer consumption

    5. n_​tractors= nuber of

    6. seed_​consump= seed

    7. annual_​rain= annual
    mean rain fall

    8. annual_​temp= annual
    mean temperature

    9. rr_​varieties= num­ber of
    reg­is­tered and released varieties

    10. rurl_​popln= rural

    11. mlag_​lbfrc= male
    agri­cul­tural labor force

    12. fmlag_lbrfrc=female
    agri­cul­tural labor force

    Miss­ing data recorded for the above vari­ables are:

    1. farm har­vest price (1961–1965= 5) and (2008−2010=3) ,

    2. fer­til­izer con­sump­tion (of the year 2010= 1),

    3. num­ber of tractors(2003–2010=8),

    4.annual rain­fall (1961−1975=15) and of the year (2004 =1) data points are missing

    5.annual tem­per­a­ture of the years (1961−1975=15) data points are missing.

    All together 48 data points are miss­ing! And

    I want them all be imputed can any one help me out in this regards… how and
    what meth­ods of impu­ta­tions would be the best one for this?