Making a poster in beamer

This week, I made my first poster. Although I’ve been an aca­d­e­mic for more than 20 years, I’ve never had to make a poster before. Some of my coau­thors have made posters about our joint research, and two of them have even won prizes (although I can’t take any credit for them). But this week, our depart­ment is dis­play­ing posters from all research staff about our recent work.

Here is my poster (click for pdf ver­sion):

It was done using beamer which turns out to be as good for posters as it is for slides. I used the beam­er­poster pack­age which comes with a few themes. None of the themes were quite what I wanted, so I adapted one. Here it is in case any­one else wants to use it. I’ve also made a tem­plate based on the poster above.

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  • Ben Abbott


    How did you include your pic­ture in the upper left of your poster?

    • Rob J Hyndman

      I used the textpos pack­age with the fol­low­ing lines in the body of the document:


      I used gimp to con­vert the orig­i­nal photo from jpg to png, then deleted the back­ground and made it transparent.

  • Susan

    it´s very hep­full! but can you say me, if i want to tilt a graph, how do i should do it ?

    • Rob J Hyndman

      Just use the angle argu­ment in \includegraphics. For exam­ple, \includegraphics[angle=45]{figure}.

      • Susan

        Thank you Rob! you are very kind!

  • Mary Therese

    Do you know if there is a way to change the size to a 4 ft x 4 ft poster?

  • Biplab Ghosh

    How can I write “insti­tute” bel­low the author.

    I tried:

    But it’s not show­ing the insti­tute! Please help.

    • Rob J Hyndman

      You will have to mod­ify the beamer theme (RJH in my exam­ple). I did not include the insti­tute field in the header.

      • Biplab Ghosh

        Thank you. I have done that.
        Also the other prob­lem for me is that the text in a “block” is not left-​​right jus­ti­fied but
        it appears to be only left jus­ti­fied. Is there any way to make both end jus­ti­fied, like in
        stan­dard latex docs?

        • Rob J Hyndman

          The default in beamer is for every­thing to be left-​​justified. To get full jus­ti­fi­ca­tion, add
          \rightskip=0pt plus 0pt
          imme­di­ately before the con­tents of the block.

          • Biplab Ghosh

            Thank you Rob.

          • Carl Chris­t­ian K. Mikkelsen

            Thank you very much for this extra detail!

  • Coen

    Thank you for this post.

    Can you explain how I can incor­po­rate super­script (e.g. ^{}) in the \author{}, as ref­er­ence to affil­i­a­tions of authors ?

    Thanks you.

    • Rob J Hyndman

      Use math mode: \author{Rob J Hyn­d­man^1}

  • Anas­ta­sia

    Hello Rob! I am a new per­son at posters. I try to make a title on top of the page typ­ing the following:

    \title{Computational aspects of Lie Alge­bras and Mubarakzyanov alge­bras.}
    \author{Anastasia Sha­ban­skaya}
    \institute{University of Toledo}

    but LaTex makes it at the very bot­tom of the page. Do you know what could be wrong?

    • Rob J Hyndman

      The posi­tion­ing of the title (and other ele­ments) is deter­mined by the style file used. The tem­plate I pro­vide here puts the title at the top of the page. If you use some other tem­plate, it could appear some­where else.

  • Luca

    Hi all,
    I’ve to make my first poster and found this post and the com­ments very use­ful. I’d like to know if it is pos­si­ble to add the “logo” of my uni­ver­sity
    close to the title. I’ve tried your tip about adding the pic­ture, but it over­laps the title. In any case thanks a lot for the theme and tem­plate, they’re very useful!

    • Rob J Hyndman

      You will need to play around with the posi­tion­ing. Try chang­ing the 0 and 0.2 below which con­trol the posi­tion, and maybe also change the width.

      • Luca

        Hi Rob. Thanks for your advice,
        but I actu­ally solved play­ing with columns.
        This mode I define a col­umn where the logo is inserted and an other
        one where the title ends.
        Thanks for the quick reply!
        Cheers, –Luca

  • Sub­odha

    I was try­ing to use your tem­plate. But it gives me an error

    postertemplate.tex(2): Error: ! Unde­fined con­trol sequence.
    postertemplate.tex(2): Error: ! LaTeX Error: Miss­ing begin{document}

    help me if u can



  • Alan

    Dear Rob, thanks for your very use­ful and help­ful post!

    I’m cur­rently hav­ing a prob­lem with the bib­li­og­ra­phy; instead of dis­play­ing the usual counter, the PDF out­put gives me an iden­ti­cal icon for each ref­er­ence. Is there a way to over­come this problem?

    Thank you very much!

    • Rob J Hyndman

      That’s a bib­tex style issue. See Sec­tion 10.6 of the beamer user guide. Also, this post looks relevant.

  • free­do­mof­speech

    thanks, for the tem­plate! Helped a lot.

  • Peter Flom

    Very cool!
    I didn’t know you could use absolute in textpos with beam­er­poster, in fact, in the textpos doc­u­men­ta­tion says you can­not. You seem to have dis­cov­ered something!

  • Jus­tok Jiang

    Thank you, Rob. I just use you tem­plate, it is cool! And I will post my poster on Inter­na­tional Con­fer­ence on Netowrk Pro­to­col 2011.
    And one more ques­tion, I would print it on A0 sheet (841mmx1189mm), is it OK, or are there some imodification?


    • Rob J Hyndman

      I’ve never tried print­ing on A0. I guess it should scale ok.

    • Roberto

      I wanted to ask the same ques­tion. Did it print properly?

  • Mnathshukla

    Dear Rob, I just use your tem­plate it is fine I want to use poster size 3 ft cross 4 ft i have used
    [orientation=portrait,size=a2,width=90cm,height=120cm,scale=1.4,debug]{beamerposter} but size is not com­ing. Then how to change the poster size.
    thank­ing you

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  • amir

    Thank you, Rob for shar­ing template.I got the fol­low­ing error after adding these lines of codes:begin{textblock}{40}(40,70.2)

    includegraphics[width=17cm, height=20cm]{ProposedLayout.eps}

    end{textblock}error:Grid set 16 x 16 = 213.39566pt x 426.79134pt
    TextBlock­O­ri­gin set to 0pt x 0pt
    ! Incom­plete iffalse; all text was ignored after line 12.


  • amir

    Oh sorry. the error is because of addi­tion of this line:

    How can I change my font size?

  • Octy_​mn

    can i use beam­er­poster in sci­en­tific workplace ?

  • Octy_​mn

    if yes, how can it be installed and rec­og­nized by sci­en­tific workplace? 

  • Rivo

    Hi Rob.

    How did you type­set the bib­li­o­graphic ref­er­ences in the poster? If I’m not mis­taken, at that time, you didn’t use bibla­tex yet so how did you put ref­er­ences with­out any cita­tion? (Ok, I also won­der if this is also easy to do even with biblatex)


    • Rob J Hyndman

      I used bibla­tex with papers assigned to cat­e­gories for the sec­tions. Then I put nocite{*} at the start of the doc­u­ment to ensure every­thing was included.

      • Rivokl

         Hi Rob,

        Would you mind pro­vid­ing the .tex source file you used? I just want to see the inner work­ings (use somme dummy bib file if that wor­ries you).

        In fact, I have the same kind of prob­lems in plain beamer presentations:

        - Some­times, I just want to pro­vide cita­tions (say Abramowitz (1972)) with­out any bib­li­o­graphic entry printed in the slide. Any hint?

        - And some­times, I would just need full ref­er­ences like in your poster (say Abramowitz et al. 1972, Hand­book of …) with­out any cita­tion. So you say, you had a nocite{*} at the begin­ning and just cite{AS72}, etc later on??

        Thanks for tak­ing the time to reply.

  • Niklas

    Hi! I find this extremely use­ful.
    How could I have many lines in the footer?
    I try footer{line1 \ line2}
    but it types
    line1, line2

  • Shau­nak De

    Hi Rob,

    Is it pos­si­ble to num­ber the slide (Block) headings?

    • Rob J Hyndman

      Not with­out writ­ing your own code to count them.

    • Alex

      I added a sec­tion{} for each block, and used the­sec­tion in the block name for the sec­tion number.

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  • Amy Pang

    Prof Hyn­d­man, thank you very much for your tem­plate. I have not found some­thing so extremely easy to use and adapt else­where on the internet.

  • hasan

    beamerthemeRJH.sty is needed!

  • Anas

    Thanks alot for post­ing. Appreciated

  • Phillip Mitchem

    Dr. Hyn­d­man,

    How would I fix the fol­low­ing error:

    Pack­age key­val Error: fg unde­fined.
    31: setbeamerfont{footline}{fg=white, size=normalsize}

    and on line
    43:setbeamerfont{example title}{size=large,series=bf,bg=i6colorscheme1,fg=white}
    Pack­age key­val Error: bg unde­fined.
    Pack­age key­val Error: fg undefined.

    Remov­ing the two lines allows the page to be built but with out those features.


    • Phong Pham

      You can remove key­val error by: documentclass[unknownkeysallowed,final]{beamer}

  • Nguyen Vu Ngoc Tung

    I am mak­ing my poster for MPA2013. Your post helps me improv­ing mine well. Thanks!

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  • Pranav Raj

    I was won­der­ing how can I add a small abstract of the entire poster, on top of the poster, just below the name and which spanned from left mar­gin to the right margin.

    I tried writ­ing it inside begin{abstract} .. end{abstract}, but my other sec­tions over­lap with the abstract. I want to avoid it

    • Pranav Raj

      Found out what I was doing wrong. I was writ­ing abstract after begin{multicols}{}. When wrote my abstract before begin{multicols}, every­thing was work­ing fine

  • nurhayat

    I want to put uni­ver­sity logo to the my poster. How I am this????

  • Roberto

    Hello! I’ve a quick ques­tion: what’s the pur­pose of scale and debug in usepackage[orientation=portrait,size=a2,scale=1.4,debug]{beamerposter}?


  • Sujohn

    Hello Bob,
    It’s really good to see your pro­vided Poster. But I am unable to open it , it shows an error. Since I am pretty new to make poster on Latex , could please help me out?
    Thanks in Advance.