Making a poster in beamer

This week, I made my first poster. Although I’ve been an academic for more than 20 years, I’ve never had to make a poster before. Some of my coauthors have made posters about our joint research, and two of them have even won prizes (although I can’t take any credit for them). But this week, our department is displaying posters from all research staff about our recent work.

Here is my poster (click for pdf version):

It was done using beamer which turns out to be as good for posters as it is for slides. I used the beamerposter package which comes with a few themes. None of the themes were quite what I wanted, so I adapted one. Here it is in case anyone else wants to use it. I’ve also made a template based on the poster above.

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  • Ben Abbott


    How did you include your picture in the upper left of your poster?

    • I used the textpos package with the following lines in the body of the document:


      I used gimp to convert the original photo from jpg to png, then deleted the background and made it transparent.

  • Susan

    it´s very hepfull! but can you say me, if i want to tilt a graph, how do i should do it ?

    • Just use the angle argument in \includegraphics. For example, \includegraphics[angle=45]{figure}.

      • Susan

        Thank you Rob! you are very kind!

  • Mary Therese

    Do you know if there is a way to change the size to a 4 ft x 4 ft poster?

  • Biplab Ghosh

    How can I write “institute” bellow the author.

    I tried:

    But it’s not showing the institute! Please help.

    • You will have to modify the beamer theme (RJH in my example). I did not include the institute field in the header.

      • Biplab Ghosh

        Thank you. I have done that.
        Also the other problem for me is that the text in a “block” is not left-right justified but
        it appears to be only left justified. Is there any way to make both end justified, like in
        standard latex docs?

        • The default in beamer is for everything to be left-justified. To get full justification, add
          \rightskip=0pt plus 0pt
          immediately before the contents of the block.

          • Biplab Ghosh

            Thank you Rob.

          • Carl Christian K. Mikkelsen

            Thank you very much for this extra detail!

  • Coen

    Thank you for this post.

    Can you explain how I can incorporate superscript (e.g. ^{}) in the \author{}, as reference to affiliations of authors ?

    Thanks you.

  • Anastasia

    Hello Rob! I am a new person at posters. I try to make a title on top of the page typing the following:

    \title{Computational aspects of Lie Algebras and Mubarakzyanov algebras.}
    \author{Anastasia Shabanskaya}
    \institute{University of Toledo}

    but LaTex makes it at the very bottom of the page. Do you know what could be wrong?

    • The positioning of the title (and other elements) is determined by the style file used. The template I provide here puts the title at the top of the page. If you use some other template, it could appear somewhere else.

  • Luca

    Hi all,
    I’ve to make my first poster and found this post and the comments very useful. I’d like to know if it is possible to add the “logo” of my university
    close to the title. I’ve tried your tip about adding the picture, but it overlaps the title. In any case thanks a lot for the theme and template, they’re very useful!

    • You will need to play around with the positioning. Try changing the 0 and 0.2 below which control the position, and maybe also change the width.

      • Luca

        Hi Rob. Thanks for your advice,
        but I actually solved playing with columns.
        This mode I define a column where the logo is inserted and an other
        one where the title ends.
        Thanks for the quick reply!
        Cheers, -Luca

  • Subodha

    I was trying to use your template. But it gives me an error

    postertemplate.tex(2): Error: ! Undefined control sequence.
    postertemplate.tex(2): Error: ! LaTeX Error: Missing begin{document}

    help me if u can



  • Alan

    Dear Rob, thanks for your very useful and helpful post!

    I’m currently having a problem with the bibliography; instead of displaying the usual counter, the PDF output gives me an identical icon for each reference. Is there a way to overcome this problem?

    Thank you very much!

    • That’s a bibtex style issue. See Section 10.6 of the beamer user guide. Also, this post looks relevant.

  • freedomofspeech

    thanks, for the template! Helped a lot.

  • Very cool!
    I didn’t know you could use absolute in textpos with beamerposter, in fact, in the textpos documentation says you cannot. You seem to have discovered something!

  • Justok Jiang

    Thank you, Rob. I just use you template, it is cool! And I will post my poster on International Conference on Netowrk Protocol 2011.
    And one more question, I would print it on A0 sheet (841mmx1189mm), is it OK, or are there some imodification?


    • I’ve never tried printing on A0. I guess it should scale ok.

    • Roberto

      I wanted to ask the same question. Did it print properly?

  • Mnathshukla

    Dear Rob, I just use your template it is fine I want to use poster size 3 ft cross 4 ft i have used
    [orientation=portrait,size=a2,width=90cm,height=120cm,scale=1.4,debug]{beamerposter} but size is not coming. Then how to change the poster size.
    thanking you

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  • amir

    Thank you, Rob for sharing template.I got the following error after adding these lines of codes:begin{textblock}{40}(40,70.2)

    includegraphics[width=17cm, height=20cm]{ProposedLayout.eps}

    end{textblock}error:Grid set 16 x 16 = 213.39566pt x 426.79134pt
    TextBlockOrigin set to 0pt x 0pt
    ! Incomplete iffalse; all text was ignored after line 12.


  • amir

    Oh sorry. the error is because of addition of this line:

    How can I change my font size?

  • Octy_mn

    can i use beamerposter in scientific workplace ?

  • Octy_mn

    if yes, how can it be installed and recognized by scientific workplace? 

  • Rivo

    Hi Rob.

    How did you typeset the bibliographic references in the poster? If I’m not mistaken, at that time, you didn’t use biblatex yet so how did you put references without any citation? (Ok, I also wonder if this is also easy to do even with biblatex)


    • I used biblatex with papers assigned to categories for the sections. Then I put nocite{*} at the start of the document to ensure everything was included.

      • Rivokl

         Hi Rob,

        Would you mind providing the .tex source file you used? I just want to see the inner workings (use somme dummy bib file if that worries you).

        In fact, I have the same kind of problems in plain beamer presentations:

        – Sometimes, I just want to provide citations (say Abramowitz (1972)) without any bibliographic entry printed in the slide. Any hint?

        – And sometimes, I would just need full references like in your poster (say Abramowitz et al. 1972, Handbook of …) without any citation. So you say, you had a nocite{*} at the beginning and just cite{AS72}, etc later on??

        Thanks for taking the time to reply.

        • The tex file is at

          nocite{AS72} will force AS72 into the bibliography without any citation. nocite{*} will force everything from the bib file into the bibliography without any citation. You do not need to use cite{} at all unless you are citing something.

          • Rivo

             Thank you. Item number 2 is completely solved. I guess item number 1 is solved by cite{AS72} and then leaving out the printbibliography command.

  • Niklas

    Hi! I find this extremely useful.
    How could I have many lines in the footer?
    I try footer{line1 \ line2}
    but it types
    line1, line2

  • Shaunak De

    Hi Rob,

    Is it possible to number the slide (Block) headings?

    • Not without writing your own code to count them.

    • Alex

      I added a section{} for each block, and used thesection in the block name for the section number.

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  • Amy Pang

    Prof Hyndman, thank you very much for your template. I have not found something so extremely easy to use and adapt elsewhere on the internet.

  • hasan

    beamerthemeRJH.sty is needed!

  • Anas

    Thanks alot for posting. Appreciated

  • Phillip Mitchem

    Dr. Hyndman,

    How would I fix the following error:

    Package keyval Error: fg undefined.
    31: setbeamerfont{footline}{fg=white, size=normalsize}

    and on line
    43:setbeamerfont{example title}{size=large,series=bf,bg=i6colorscheme1,fg=white}
    Package keyval Error: bg undefined.
    Package keyval Error: fg undefined.

    Removing the two lines allows the page to be built but with out those features.


    • Phong Pham

      You can remove keyval error by: documentclass[unknownkeysallowed,final]{beamer}

  • I am making my poster for MPA2013. Your post helps me improving mine well. Thanks!

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  • Pranav Raj

    I was wondering how can I add a small abstract of the entire poster, on top of the poster, just below the name and which spanned from left margin to the right margin.

    I tried writing it inside begin{abstract} .. end{abstract}, but my other sections overlap with the abstract. I want to avoid it

    • Pranav Raj

      Found out what I was doing wrong. I was writing abstract after begin{multicols}{}. When wrote my abstract before begin{multicols}, everything was working fine

  • nurhayat

    I want to put university logo to the my poster. How I am this????

  • Roberto

    Hello! I’ve a quick question: what’s the purpose of scale and debug in usepackage[orientation=portrait,size=a2,scale=1.4,debug]{beamerposter}?


  • Hello Bob,
    It’s really good to see your provided Poster. But I am unable to open it , it shows an error. Since I am pretty new to make poster on Latex , could please help me out?
    Thanks in Advance.

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