My new forecasting textbook is now available for use. Head over to www.OTexts.org/fpp/ to check it out.

Welcome to the home page of Forecasting: Methods and Applications. Here you will find all the data sets used in the book plus hundreds of other data sets which can be used for student projects or self-learning. There are links to other time series collections, forecasting resources, and forecasting software. And, of course, information about the book and how to order it.

If you have any questions about forecasting, please ask them at stats.stackexchange.com. They are much more likely to be answered there than if you send me email.

If you find any errors in the book, first check the errata here to make sure they are not known errors. If they are not listed, then please send me the details via the comments on the errata page.

If you are wondering about the 4th edition, the plans have been scrapped. Instead, I have written a brand new forecasting textbook.

Rob J Hyndman
May 2012

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